Mineral Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Everyone wants look beautiful. It is a natural fact. makeup is used to enhance the best features on one’s face. Some use it occasionally while others use it on daily basis. When it comes to the matter of your face, you must know what to apply and what to avoid. There are a variety of makeups available in the market now.

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is the kind of make-up that is made up of very fine small natural particles of minerals. Natural minerals used in mineral makeup include titanium oxide, iron oxide and zinc oxides. Mineral make from the time of its introduction in the market, is considered a revolution. It is a natural alternate for the skin, which leaves a good effect on skin as compared to other makeups. Mineral makeup is good for the skin, this is the reason that it is preferred.

Mineral makeup in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have seen the drastic change in fashion industry due to adoption of mineral makeup brands. Mineral makeup is the new addition in the beauty salons of Pakistan. Make-up artists are using it and also through word of mouth marketing, it is becoming famous day by day. The demands for mineral makeup brands have increased in Pakistan because it is known as safe for skin. Even dermatologists have no objection in suggesting use of them.


Mineral makeup in Pakistan

There are a number of mineral makeup brands available in Pakistan. Many may be known to you and many may be unknown to you. Let us have a look on the quality focused brands producing Mineral makeup in Pakistan.

  • L’Oréal Paris
  • Maybelline New York
  • Etude House
  • Luscious Cosmetics
  • The Body Shop
  • Revlon
  • Clinique
  • M.A.C
  • Rimmel London
  • Color Studio Pro
  • DMGM

These brands produce quality makeup which nourishes the skin instead of harming the layer of skin. These brands are competing with each other by providing high end quality products. There may be some other more brands but the above mentioned brands are frequently in use by the customers. For example the product of luscious cosmetics “Luscious Mineral Foundation” is a mineral makeup foundation.

It is used as a skin care treatment and made from pure minerals. It is so much light in weight that even after applying it you don’t feel anything bothering you on your skin. Instead it makes your skin softer. It claims to make your skin cleaner if you use it on regular basis and provides you the glowing factor. For more convenience it is available in five different shades.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation is also meant for making your skin look fresh and soft. Composition of this foundation is absolutely natural. It will stay up with your skin and you don’t have to take care and check that if it lasts on your skin. Applying one time a day will work at its best. Lo real Rose Whitening is a cream which will make your skin neat with the help of natural ingredients. Hence it is safe for you to use. They claim to bring out the natural fairness on your skin.

Be very specific while choosing the brand, because it is the matter of your face which is exposed all the time. Face is also a matter of sensitivity. Applying something without knowing the effects it may leave on your skin can damage your skin badly in some cases.

As far as the prices of these brands are concerned, you may find that these brands are expensive to buy. But the thing is that the quality matters. Mineral makeup takes care of your skin and protect it against the harmful and damaging particles. You can ask your dermatologist about, if you have any query. A large number of people in Pakistan because of awareness use only mineral makeup brands.

Mineral makeup brands in Pakistan are available in all the famous stores. Be very sure while buying the mineral makeup that it is of original brand. To ensure this, purchase it from some reputed store. You don’t have to search them rather due to extensive placing of mineral makeup products in all the known stores you can easily find them. The products are available in a variety of colors, versions and tones. You can select the one meeting best with your need.

Mineral makeup brands are good for your skin as they are made from natural ingredients.

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