Makeup Tips for Eye Glass Wearers

Eyes are the most beautiful and attractive feature of our face, which can be enhanced by applying eye makeup tips. Though, you can find a lot of eye makeup tips that will surely make your eyes look glamorous. However, when it comes to beautify the eyes, the eye glass wearers face a lot of trouble.

Girls who wear spectacles find it really problematic to enhance their eyes, as their frames hide their eyes which cannot be enhanced by applying ordinary eye makeup tips. If you wear glasses and still want to make your peepers look glamorous you should try eye glass wearers makeup tips. With the following eye glass wearers makeup tips, you will able to give your eyes an attractive appearance even under the glasses.

Line your eyes

When it comes to eye glass wearers makeup tips, the best one is to use a eye liner. Spectacles usually blur the shape of your eyes. One of the best eye makeup tips is to define your eyes  by rimming them up in black or brown eye liner. No matter what your eye shape ad eye color is, black eyeliner goes well with all eye makeup tips. Topping up the upper lash line with black liner is the glamorous eye glass wearers makeup tips. To brighten up your eyes under the frames, the great eye glass wearers makeup tips is to apply a white eye liner on the lower inner waterline of your eyes.

Shape up your brows

One of the best eye glass wearers makeup tips is to groom the brows. Spectacles draw extra attention to your brows, it is therefore important for you to follow the eye makeup tips that make your eyes appear attractive. Always make sure that your eye brows are well shaped and combed upward. If there are gaps in your eye brows, filling up them with black pencil is surely one of the best eye glass wearers makeup tips.

Match it up

If you want to give a stylish look to your eyes under specs, you should apply those eye makeup tips that suits best according to your glasses style. Try to match up the eye makeup tips with the style and shape of your glasses. If your glasses are rimless, you can accentuate them with the smoky eye makeup tips. You can enhance the beauty of your eyes by applying eye makeup tips using soft gray brown.

On the other hand, if you wear cat-eye spectacles, you can apply eye makeup tips by lining the top lashes and subtly smudge up the outer corner. By using such eye makeup tips and mimicking your frame design, you can make your eyes look bigger and more visible.

Don't let the spectacles hide the beauty of your eyes. Let others speak out by following the easy yet smart eye makeup tips. By applying these simple eye makeup tips you can brighten up your eyes even under the glasses.

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