Makeup Removal Tips

Women are always so excited to be looked gorgeous. They always try to be perfect with such implants, gimmicks & surgeries. But everyone can not try these tools to create the illusion of perfection. The easiest way to enhance the beauty is makeup. But makeup can be harmful for skin if you keep it on your face for whole night. For healthier skin, proper cleansing of makeup is much important. It is also seen that many women have bad habit to use outdated makeup. So it’s very much important to use makeup.

Removal Tips:

See the reasons why we should remove makeup.

If you don’t remove makeup thoroughly it can cause pimples & Acne. Makeup blocks the skin pores due to which skin can not breathe easily. These blocked pores cause infections like pimples, blackheads etc.

As we all know makeup has harmful chemicals, these chemicals can cause eye infections like pink eye, irritation, improper vision etc. Also eye mascara & eye liner can cause loss of eyelashes. Eye makeup removal is essential for better eye health.

If you keep lipstick on your lips for overnight it can cause lip discoloration. Wrinkles can attack easily on your skin if you don’t remove makeup properly. Here are some useful makeup removal tips, through which you can keep your skin healthy and can also enjoy your beauty with makeup.

Start the cleansing of your makeup from your eyes. Select a cleanser which is suitable for your skin type. Place that cleanser to cotton ball. Remove eye shades with that cotton ball. There are many makeup removers are available in markets, you may buy them. Olive oil is also best to remove eye makeup especially mascara.

Put some olive oil on cotton ball gently wipe your lashes. Olive oil not only helps to remove mascara but also nourish your lashes. To remove lipsticks, petroleum jelly is best. Apply it on your lips and blot it. Now apply cleansing milk to your face, gently massage for 10 to 15 seconds, then take cotton pads and wipe out gently. There are also disposable, pre-moistened makeup remover tissues are available in market, your may use them to remove makeup.
Then rinse Luke warm water to your face. Apply a small quantity of mild face wash. You can also steam your face in order to open the pores. Then apply face toner with cotton pad. When you are done with your toner, apply a moisturizer or night cream to your face. Now after makeup remover your face is ready to enjoy the sound sleep.

Removing makeup with proper way is necessary for healthy skin. Our skin can not breathe with makeup, because makeup contains chemicals, use these tips to remove makeup.

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