7 Base Makeup Products for Every College Girl

Every college going girl’s makeup kitty must have a set of mandatory base makeup products to get a feeling of the much wanted good glowing skin every day.

So, today, we shall talk about the essential seven base makeup products that every college girl should be carrying around in her purse. These seven most important products that college girls just can’t get by on an average day. This is gonna be tons of fun!!!

1. Primer:

You cannot even think of initiating a flawless makeup look without a makeup primer. It is such an indispensable step to begin layering and blending other products. The thing that a moisturized skin need is a primer stands as the major base for your makeup. A primer serves the twin purposes of keeping your skin shine-free while guaranteeing that your makeup is set and good to go.

2. BB Cream/CC Cream:

The next product that comes in line is an everyday cream. Trust me, you do not want to trifle with this essential. Because, if you are in the lookout for an everyday base that not only moisturizes your skin but also provides decent coverage, then the BB cream is the way to go. Now, let’s face facts, at your age as a college girl, you are naturally endowed with a brilliant youthful skin and so you really don’t need that much coverage. Thus a BB cream would be more than enough. The BB cream checks all the boxes at your age as it evens out your skin to provide a natural glow to repair and regenerate your skin. So with the right BB cream, you are golden at your age.

3. Stick Concealer: 

Needless to mention, we all have some sort of skin imperfections building up due to the stress in everyday life. A concealer smartly hides those imperfections and gives you a healthy look. It arrests under-eye imperfections, darkness, and skin discolorations. Sometimes, you can also use color correctors for addressing your skin imperfections. Despite the availability of a variety of concealers, most college girls are loyal to the stick variant for the obvious reason – ease of use and application even when we are on the move. A small tip, if you are prone to break-outs, I would advise that you go for the salicylic variety that would not only serve the purpose of the product but also help you fight against zits.

4. Sheer Foundation:

When you are done with the primer application and allowed it to settle on the face, you can now move to the second step of the makeup routine. This step of makeup application is optional, so if you don’t usually apply CC/BB cream, you can use sheer foundation as an alternative. College girls in India have it really hard especially with all the humidity and seasonal rains that accompany a tropical climate. So, it is advisable that you all should try the sheer foundation. The sheer foundation is lightweight and as such do not feel cakey. And foundations come with the added bonus of covering-up skin blemishes and add certain radiance to your natural complexion so they are rather important.

5. Compact:

The one that comes next in line is a smooth compact. And why? Because a compact helps your base and keeps your skin from appearing too oily – duh!!! And as an added bonus, some compact varieties come with built-in formulas like SPF that provide protection against Sunlight as well.

6. Facial Mist: 

This is needed to keep your skin breathing throughout the day. It is not essentially a base makeup product. But you can use it on the base as a pre-makeup application routine. Facial mists help to refresh and hydrate the skin and supplies essential nutrients to your face. Also, if you are a fan of dewy and glowing makeup look, you can’t simply neglect the role of a facial mist in base makeup. If you have drier skin, combining facial mist with your regular moisturizer helps to control dryness throughout the day.

7. Sunscreen

Do not underestimate the importance of a quality SPF. Since you are in India, you should put on SPF all year round, even when it is cloudy outside. The sun rays are rather damaging in India for obvious reasons and hence it would be prudent to use it, preferably with a moisturizer. If you don’t like using a BB/CC cream or a sheer foundation as base makeup, don’t skip using your sunscreen as this acts as the perfect umbrella for your delicate skin.

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