Makeup for Green Eyes

If you are amongst those fortunate ladies who have gorgeous green eyes, then you can make your eyes look even more beautiful by just using the right kind of green eye makeup for your eyes. Knowing the right shades and techniques for your gorgeous greens can surely make you stand out in your circle.
Pakistani eye makeup is so versatile that you can pick the right style that suits you the best and can go with your manner at all occasions. We are going to help you with your green eye makeup guide so that it will become easier for you to pick the right choice for your beautiful green eyes.
• Colors you should use
Using the right shade of makeup can bring out your eyes instantly. Mostly, warm colors like deep purples, plums, mauves and lilacs are great choices for green eyes. Golds, bronzes, coppers, browns also look wonderful as Pakistani green eye makeup. You can experiment with different shades of browns to give beautiful effect to your eyes. They would look wonderful for glamorous evening eye makeup. Deep greens, medium pinks, peaches, and apricots are also excellent choices for green eye makeup guide.
• Colors you should avoid
All shades of blue color never go with green eyes. They give a very washed-out look to green eyes. Purples with blue undertone will also not look good in green eye makeup.
Silver is also the wrong choice for green eye makeup guide.
As for the pinks, many shades of pink can look good and many can go bad, you should try and see for yourself what shades of pink go with your eyes.
• Eyeliner for green eyes
Pakistani eye makeup never looks complete without the eyeliner. Black eyeliner will look harsh on green eyes. Use different shades of browns instead. They will bring out your green eye makeup instantaneously.
• Mascara for your gorgeous greens
Even if you have dark hair tone, you should avoid dark black mascara. Dark tones of brown would look wonderful for your green eye makeup.
• Other tips and techniques
Don’t go with heavy makeup on green eyes. Always try to apply soft and subtle green eye makeup.
Pakistani eye makeup for green eyes looks even more gorgeous if you pick up the right shades and blend them well. It is very important to keep the application soft and blend properly to give a gorgeous look to your green eyes.
An important green eye makeup guide is to stay away from the dramatic color palettes. Excess use of dark colors for green eyes will look too messy.
For green eye makeup, always use warm colors and stay away from cool colors.
Always keep in mind your skin tone and the color of blush and lipstick while selecting the colors for your green eyes.

Make your green eyes more gorgeous with latest Pakistani eye makeup tips. Follow the tips and techniques for green eye makeup and dazzle in parties.

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