Make up or Make down

Make up or Make down

Well your make over makes your looks up or down, so, it must be in a balance and suitable way. 
Make up is no doubt an art. We can say that all the beauticians are the Artists of their field.But you can also do a good make up by knowing some tactics, no matter you are a makeup expert or not?
The first thing you need to know is to do the makeup according to the time and occasion. What really suits you and goes with your personality. The color scheming and heavy or light looks according to your dress theme also needs well consideration. 

The time of occasion represents the day or night make up. If you have to go to some function in the day timings then lighter shades of eye liner and eye shadows can be apply. Mascara should be used in the night functions only. Similarly, bright shades can be used in night functions for having bit glamorous and shiny look. Other than this, glosses can work out in night functions and should be avoided in day timings, especially in summers. There is another way to use the gloss, you can apply the mat lipstick of the same color then use gloss of same color over it, for having long lasting effect of lipstick. If you are using mat lipstick only then avoid applying thick layers of lipstick on your lips.
Matching of your make with your dress colors is good if it is in a decent way, and don’t look over. Besides this if the work on your dress is already heavy then prefer light make up look and vice versa.

Well your make over makes your looks up or down, so, it must be in a balance and suitable way. Make up is no doubt an art

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