Make the Cold Breeze follow you with the Best of the Scent

So there people winters are approaching and this is a catch for everyone who knows how to groom the best, winter fragrances for women.

Yes, you heard us correct. This time we will ponder on fragrances that will make you stand out throughout the course of winter spell day and night! So gear up for the best of the best. Here we go:

Coco Noir

Yes yes that’s a choice for you this season for the winter fragrance for women. It tips off the essence of grapefruit, bergamot, rose, patchouli. These are one of the best choices in florals to wear.

Gucci Premiere

The second in list to go will be Gucci premiere. With hints off to bergamot, leather, orange blossom this fragrance stands with its own ethereal essence and earthy notes that serve as a musk. This scent has been.

J’Adore Dior

Yes women this fragrance there is a name for sophistication, a name for sensuality and exclusive feminine aspects.

The notes of orchids, Damascus plums and amaranth wood make the perfume stand as a strong distinct identity for the choice for winters.

The one by Dolce and Gabbana

Oh yes this! This piece of sensuality, this turning the heads off and sweeping the trace of exclusive feminine aspects in a manner never breeched before. This stands out as the most amazing scent for winters. This winter fragrance for women has a class of its own. You want to call it topnotch, well do those. Nothing can beat this special place for the special divas.

With notes of sun-touched citrus and fruity notes of succulent lychee and peach. This perfume is the delight for all women.  With our dear friend Bergamot again, adding with the plum, jasmine, lily muguet, vetiver, vanilla, amber and musk. This fragrance is a heads turner. This is the truest essence of feminine aspects and rawness to beauty.

Dior Addict

If you want to experience the soft touch of femine aspects, go for this addiction this cold season. The notes include: Silk Tree Flower, Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, Night Queen Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, and Tonka Bean.

This fragrance here is a blend of sophistication with the feel of softness like women.

Givenchy very irresistible Givenchy

Well, you are sure to envy this piece of fragrance there. Yes we all know that Coco had always been about women should not smell like rose, but trust me on this with a blend of five different roses and their essence mixed in the scent , this perfume is a true stand out for you ladies this season. And after you discover is beauty you are most likely to scream for this one.

You can never resist this piece of floral blend of Centifolia Rose, Peony Rose, Fantasia Rose, Passion Rose, Emotion Rose, Verbena Leaf, and Star Anise. Yes this is a very special winter fragrance to wear this season women!

Gucci Envy Me

This is really for a woman who seeks for attention. This fragrance carries sweet notes like Peony, Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Litchi, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Pink Musk, Seringa, White Tea, Sandalwood, Teakwood, and Sensual Musk.

It is a very sweet feminine smell for the winter cast hence a great choice for winter fragrance for women.

So, there you go ladies. Enjoy the scents of winter with the best of the best. Happy Application.

Here is a guide for the best of the scents that can be used this winter spell by women.

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