Lymphatic Drainage

 “Lymphatic Drainage massage” is not that much popular in Pakistan as other massages but yet it can provide numerous health benefits. The lymphatic drainage massage is a delicate massage which is based on light rhythmic and constant movements, done in a specific direction to increase the flow of the lymphatic system in the body. It is done only by touching the skin with almost non-perceptible pressure. This massage is beneficial for both kinds of people, for those who are healthy and for those who are not.

How It Works:

This massage which is known as “manual lymphatic massage” or “lymphatic drainage” or “lymphatic massage” is performed by a trained massage therapist. The lymph is a white liquid flowing throughout our body inside lymph vessels and collecting wastes, toxins that cannot be absorbed through the blood capillary vessels.

In the lymphatic system, when there is a development of blockages than there will be buildup of fluids which can stagnate and make our whole system toxic. The lymph drainage massage techniques help to regulate our immune system and make to leave wastes and fluids from our body.

When there is a development of blockages in the lymphatic system, there will be a buildup of fluids which will stagnate and make the whole system toxic which causes us to feel lethargic and more vulnerable to contagious and viral diseases. A lymphatic drainage massage gives benefit by stimulating the whole system and improving its functioning. It helps in increasing our metabolism, transport the needed nutrients to the cells, discard toxins, remove blockages, and boost the immune system.

Lymphatic Drainage Techniques:

When we go to Spas for lymphatic drainage, the massage therapist may use any of the four highly effective lymphatic drainage massage techniques.

  • Stationary Circles: In this technique the massage therapist uses his fingers and makes strokes over the neck, the face and the lymphatic nodes in circular motion with specific rhythm and continuous manner.

  • The Rotary Technique: In this type of technique, the therapist uses his palms and wrist to massage the body in cyclical movements. In rotary technique wrists are used to enforce and decrease the pressure of the strokes on the body.

  • The Pump Technique: Oval strokes are made by the massage therapist with the help of his both palms down on the body. Fingers and thumbs also use for further flow of the lymph fluid in the body.

  • Scoop Strokes: In this technique of lymphatic drainage, the massage therapist uses his palms to face upwards from the individual’s body but fingers stay fully extended especially in length, so that the hands are enclosed to appear like a scoop. These twisting strokes are enforced to the individual’s skin to promote waste disposal.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage:

There are so many benefits of this massage rather than just muscles relaxation. As I told you earlier this massage is different from other massages as it can helpful for patients who pass through surgery as this massage have ability to regenerate tissues and cells to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites.

It also helps to reduce the swelling of the body but be careful, surgery patient should wait for at least six weeks to take or must consult to his/her doctor before taking this massage. As we all know if our immune system is well, we better defend ourselves from various diseases. This lymphatic drainage massage can improve the function of our immune system and increase the production of antibiotics to fight against infections.

It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body which can cause arthritis. Many women quit breast feeding because of plugged ducts, nipple soreness and engorgement because it gives pain to mother and baby couldn’t take proper latching. Lymphatic drainage massage is very beneficial in this case as it can help to reduce the swelling of engorgement and ameliorate plugged ducts which will help mother to feed her baby.

Massages are usually used to make your body relax and improve blood circulation. Some of them are not recommended to patients who undergone through any surgery or to women who are pregnant etc. but “Lymph drainage massage” is one which can provide num

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