Look Smart & Elegant – Dressing Secrets For Working Women

We often observe that working women are worried about what to wear daily as they struggle to look smart and elegant. Working women are practical. They require smart casual looks that are fashionable and functional. Workplace fashion is a very subjective issue.

Every profession’s environment has its own set of fashion rules. If you are also a working lady and worried about what are you going to wear or how your dressing can help you in establishing your professional credibility, now you don’t need to face this problem anymore. There are some dressing secrets for you which can make you look smarter, professional and elegant. Find out which looks give you polished & professional look and which fashion can be career a killer.

  • First of all you should avoid wrinkled and stained clothes. No matter, how late you are, make sure that your dress has no stains and wrinkles on it. Otherwise it looks worse than the one you randomly pick from the back of your drawer.

  • If you are more concerned about your career, you will be more concerned with looking professional than looking cute or trendy.

  • Most companies have defined some specific guidelines about what to wear to work like skirt suits, pant suits etc.

  • Always say no to wearing anything to the office that you wear to a formal function. Your age and position in office should also be kept in mind. Fancy and too casual dresses must be avoided.

  • Color plays a big part in professional image. What you wear reflects your level of professionalism. Avoid loud and bright colors. Select soft colors according to your age.

  • A working woman demands both quality and quantity. She understands that she has no extra time to fight with unreliable tailors. She has to select that dress that not only fits into the culture but is also trendy and fashionable. Mostly working ladies prefer to buy ready made dresses.

  • Office is not the place to try out the latest beauty trends. You must skip the extreme makeup. Too much eye shadow and caky lipstick look odd in the office. Go for slightly transparent shades instead of dark, chalky and glossy shades.

  • Select those shoes that are easier in walking and according to your professional environment. You can wear high heels if you are short heighted. Black and brown heels are preferred by many women. Otherwise you can wear pumps that give a smart look.

  • If you are a teacher or work in any organization you can wear a scarf. Scarf adds warmth and complete look or define your style.

  • Most important thing is that be comfortable in what you wear. What you wear should make you look and feel comfortable and good. Be a confident, beautiful and intelligent woman with a style of your own without overstepping the fashion boundaries.

Workplace fashion, if done wrongly, can do a lot of things. Anything odd can lead to unwanted attention. Unwanted attention gained will definitely lead to unwanted gossips about you that is a big obstacle in your professional career. So you must avoid it. What you wear can be an asset that helps you put your best foot forward.

Dresses vary from casual to formal. If you dress up in the right way, chances of progress can be more as dressing reflects your level of professionalism. It is important for every woman to never let clothes come in the way of her professional image.

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