Lipstick Colors for Spring 2012

Lipstick’s most iconic colours are reinvented in this spring/ summer because 2012 is the year of reinventing colours and this year gives a chance to give the ladies endless way to wear all the dramatic colours. All the colours of the lipstick are now dominated by the colour that gives an inspiration to every lady to pop the art of expressions and experiment with the dramatized world.

Beautiful Metallic Red

If you thing you can’t be daring enough and you have to go for a colour that suits you without a doubt then a more subtle yet dramatic lipstick colour for the season would be the beautiful metallic red that takes a little deeper shade of red and enhances your lip shape like no other colour does.

Dark Chocolate Colour

The lipstick colour for the spring/summer 2012 doesn’t really have to be restricted to red and shades of red. All the ladies who feel not so confident about red, I am sure they can pull of yet another iconic lipstick colour of the spring 2012 that will be dark chocolate colour. With the bronzed eyes and amazingly sun-kissed cheeks the darker shade of brown deep into dark chocolate colour will give your lips an opportunity to be prominent.

Coral Lipstick Colour

The summer seasons opts for all the colours that are vintage inspired this will include the lipstick colour that are from the family of corals. The most amazing way to wear this coral lipstick colour during the summer 2012 would be with absolutely nude eyes and nice peach cheeks.

Red Velvet Lipstick Color

Summer 2012 is the season of experiments so ladies let get started with experimenting the lipstick colours for spring/summer 2012.  Make sure you make it happen for you with the blushed lids, cheeks and then the blushed lips don’t overdo the blush or you would end up with the entire face being red and pink. Red velvet is yet another choice of the lipsticks for summer 2012. The entire red love taken over by the summer and spring season in 2012 doesn’t let go of the red gloss and the red glossy lips with eye lashes enhanced with the mascara and the eyes left undone.

Fuchsia Pink

If you don’t want to go for a red then except the coral lipstick colour there is one more colour called the fuchsia pink that has to be matte and nicely applied with nude eyes and cheeks.

The lips must be enhanced with a nice bright colour or a colour that has been reinvented with an inspiration to paint them bright red or to let them be inspired with a vintage colour that is in shades of corals or fuchsia pink.

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