Lava Shell Massage

As we all know that massage therapy is an art which stimulates our senses, makes our muscles relax and helps our body to get calm and heal it. For this purpose new massage therapy which is known as “Lava shell massage” is using. This is very comforting and unique full body massage. In this massage naturally smooth and highly polished shell which comes from south pacific are to be used by professional therapist.

These sea shells are made up of calcium carbonates which give calcium ions after heating, directly to our skin during the massage process. These shells are traditional part of the diet of Philippines and were used to be thrown away but now these shells are being recycled into this massage tool. Thanks to creative mind people who invent this massage!

In this massage your body is smeared and exfoliated with massage oil to remove your dead skin cells to reveal a younger softer skin. The therapist massages your body with lava shells. These lava shells have a rubber plug in the bottom. The therapist put packet of minerals and algae into the shell, add some sea water into shell and again plug it up.

The heat comes from inside the lava shells because of a mixture of minerals and algae with salt water and essential oils. This therapy uses genuine natural materials and eco friendly with no need of electricity as when they are combined inside the shell, it creates a chemical reaction that causes heat for one or two hours. While using light Swedish massage, the therapist holds the shell in the palm of his/her hands.

1. Difference between Lava Shell Massage & Hot Stone Massage:

Lava Shell Massage is more popular than hot stone massage as it accelerates the skin regeneration process and helps to improve appearance and texture of the skin. Lava shells are non porous, they don’t absorb massage oil or bacteria which means shells are more hygienic.

Many Spas are offering Lava stone massage instead of hot stone massage because of its easy preparation and clean-up process. Another difference is, lava shells held their heat longer than stones, so their will be no interruption of switching stones as often in lava shell massage therapy.

Moreover, lava shells are smaller than the  stones used for hot stone massage, so it is not difficult to handle them  and they can be use to get into areas where stones usually cannot. As well as, with the use of the edges of the shell, you can also massage your face, feet and hands and the lava shells cool the more they are used during massage. You will feel refreshing and much more productive after this therapy.

2. Good for Muscles Pain:

This massage improves the blood circulation and relieves tired muscles. The whole process takes 45 to 60 minutes. Lava stone massage is absolutely pain free, very effective and provides completely fresh and relax feeling. Lava shell massage is very good all around winter treatment.

Hot lava shell massage provides relief from deep aches and pains including backache, neck pain, shoulder pain, mental stress and depressions. These smooth shells are expertly glided over different parts of body with different pressures, techniques and precision by the massage therapist as per your body requirement.

3. Best for Tummy Treatment:

Lava shell massage is very powerful treatment for tummy as it is a natural version of the colonic cleanse. When therapist massages the belly area with soothing massage strokes, digestive system gets improved and regulated.

The great combination of heat and gentle massage improves body’s natural system to remove toxins and reduce bloating. Another benefit for tummy massage is; it gives you comfortable feeling and flatter tummy for day.

All and all if you really wants to do something unique, something exotic and feel amazing than go to nearby Spa and just have and experience the beauty of  Lava Shell Massage.

There are so many different kinds of massages which are offering by Spas to make your tired and stiffed muscles relaxed and comfortable. Unique ways or therapies are introducing by Spas in which “Lave shell massage” is one. Lava stone massage is prima

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