Latest trend in cosmetics is to EAT yourself beautiful

It’s really not very easy all the time having medicines and going under the blade of cosmetic surgery to get the extra beauty for you and your body care. So, why tease yourself for such precious naturally achievable thing? For this you must eat yourself beautiful because that definitely is the latest trend in cosmetics to become beautiful naturally without any hazardous side effects of cosmetics.

Cosmetics are the materials which are used to enhance the physical outlook of human body. In 20th century the use of cosmetics was very much boosted by awareness through advertisements and fashion industry thus making every woman as well as men craving for the use of cosmetics and beauty products to augment their beauty.

So many fashion brands introduced beauty products but with the passage of time these cosmetic brands felt the need of not only enhancing the beauty by using layers of makeup but introduced the use of such beautifying medicinal and edible products which could bring permanent change in the physical appearances.

Then the beauty products brands and pharmaceutical companies made money by introducing new edible cosmetics to be used for different purposes e.g.

  • Skin enrichment.

  • Skin elasticity.

  • Skin whitening.

  • Removal of hair by having some hormonal changes.

  • Skin bleaching.

  • Removal of dark spots.

  • Natural resistance to sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Health improvers with no side effects.

  • Nourishment for nails.

  • Fat burning naturally.

  • Thicker and healthy hair and scalp etc.

Eating these cosmetics definitely brings a quick and effective notable change in the physical appearance thus uplifting the beauty. These edible cosmetics are mainly made up of organic materials present in nature especially fruits, vegetables and herbs etc amongst the most effective one’s are the berries and other fruits which have citric acid in them.

These organic materials naturally have anti-oxidants and such chemical composition in them that manipulate the structures of skin cells and chemical composition of body without any side effects thus also working as anti-aging edible products.

Though this field of edible cosmetics in Pakistan hasn’t really reached at its peak right now but the world has become a global city and nothing’s far away from one’s hands if he/she desires. The awareness is also not up to the core level so here is your guide to the latest trends in cosmetics to eat yourself beautiful and pretty.

1. Jessica Simpson Dessert by Jessica Simpson with edible lip gloss, perfume and much more products.

2. Euromonitor International’s personal care and beautifying products.

3. Sue Devitt’s edible cosmetics.

4. Tanya Zuckerbrot’s anti-aging serum the Beauty Booster etc.

These edible cosmetics aren’t the only source to become beautiful, in fact lot of nutritionist have presented with the world of their healthy and nutrition full beauty foods and recipes which are very much helpful in designer Norma Kamali’s olive oil range and Balance Nimble Bar are some of the examples.

So keep eating these cosmetics and don’t forget to have good and healthy diet otherwise these edible cosmetics won’t also be able to help!

Are you tired of eating bitter and heavy medicines for the eternal glowing beauty? Try out some edible cosmetics to get rid of all skin and health tensions because the latest trend in cosmetics is to eat yourself beautiful! Surely these products are the m

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