Know how to cover up the beauty killers!

Bruises are so unappealing. They can ruin your entire charisma. You need to be patient and expert enough to get rid of them and worst of all they take a lot of time to heal. Give them full time, proper skin care and adopt all those precautionary steps to help them heal soon. Follow the simple steps here for getting rid of bruises soon and at least cover it up. So here we go.

Analyzing the Bruise:

Not all bruise are same. Few of them are serious which gives you indication of something which went wrong in your body. Some bruises are normal like you may have never noticed where and when they happened but they are there. Bruise usually happens due to release of blood under skin” unexpectedly”. So before going to heal it you need to understand the bruise, its formation and duration. If you see the sever one then you must contact your doctor else you can cover it up.

Concealing the bruise:

Concealing the bruise is one of the main skin care tip for covering up the bruise. Apply concealing cream yourself and try your best to make the bruise look like your skin color. If you are not experienced in using the concealing cream then you can render the services of your makeup artist to do it for you. Alternative of using concealing cream is to apply any makeup cream matching your skin color. After you’re done with cream’s application apply some powder on it and you will see that your bruise is almost invisible.
There are many bruise covering kit in the market. Use a kit from your trusted brand.

Your Dermatologist can help you more:

No matter how you try yourself to cover up the bruises. Your doctor is still the one who can help you out in making it disappear in more professional and safe way. So always involve your doctor for suggested plan of covering your bruise.

Dressing can contribute:

Dressing can not only hide your bruise but it can also save the bruise from dangerous external factors like dust and sun etc. you should wear long socks and pants if its on your ankle or legs .If there is a bruise on your arm then you can use wrist bands and full sleeve shirts for covering it up. Remember while covering your bruise with dressing that it should be executed gracefully and intelligently that it must not affect your style, for this purpose attractive wrist bands, long sleeves shirts and long socks and pants should be picked up carefully.

Most of the bruises are healed in two weeks at least but if you don’t see any improvement in bruise even after two weeks then you have to consult your doctor on urgent basis since its indicating that it is serious. Have good food like pineapples that are rich in Vitamin P in it. It will be great for you to know that in nutrition Vitamin P is the natural healer for bruise so go for nutritional healing process too. We hope that after applying all the above skin care tips for bruise you will be able to get rid of your beauty killers soon.

Beauty killers are the most appropriate word for the bruise. They look so annoying that they can blemish the entire beauty of your beautiful face. Bruise takes quite a long time to heal and disappear but if you want to speed up the healing process then fo

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