Keeping Nails Clean and Short In Ramadan

A month full of blessings is going on. Are you ready to win Allah’s mercy and blessings this Ramadan? With the beginning of Ramadan people suddenly change themselves and start worshiping Allah day and night.

In this modern era makeup has become a necessity for women of every age. College girls, house wives and working ladies are in habit to use nail colors and keeping their nails long. But in the month of Ramadan to reap the blessings, you must leave such habit of using nail color. Islamic scholars bluntly said that in the presence of nail color you are unable to get complete ablution (wazu).

A Big Mistake About Nails In Ramadan

Usually women do not bother to clean their nails in Ramadan. There are certain misconceptions that one can get cleanliness or Taharat in the presence of nail color. It is completely wrong to believe. In the presence of nail colors water is unable to reach to the surface of nails for purification and you become failed to get complete cleanliness.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has stated "The key to paradise is Prayer (Salaat), and the key to Prayer is cleanliness." (Saheeh Muslim). In order to get complete cleanliness, it is necessary to remove nail color first.

Preparation For Ramadan  

Remove the nail colors from your nails very neatly, cut your nails short and also guide your younger and older family members to keep their nails short and clean. It is medically proven that keeping nails short and clean is good for health. Women mostly indulge in kitchen activities more often in Ramadan, with neat and clean hands cooking becomes more hygienic for your family.

Ramadan Is Good Time To Change The Habit

If you are obsessed with the habit to keep long nails and to paint your nails, it is good time to control your habit. We are Muslims and live in a Muslim country, keeping long nails and decorating them with different colors is not viewed as good by our elders and the people with religious views. Whole month practicing to keep the nails short and clean, enables you to continue it after Ramadan. If you want to change your habit so it is good time to practice.

Graceful Hands In Ramadan

Women use nail colors and grow their nails long to add into their beauty. In this age of fashion long and decorated nails are considered the symbol of beauty and elegance. But keep in mind that your hands may look more graceful with short and clean nails.

Keeping Nails Short And Clean In Ramadan

If it is not possible for you to go away from such habit, you should leave this at least for the Holly month of Ramadan. In Ramadan keep your nails short and without color and with full cleanliness reap the blessings of Ramadan.

In this age of fashion women are in habit to keep long and decorative nails. In the Holly month of Ramadan cut your nails short and keep them without color to reap the blessings of Ramadan.

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