Is Your Makeup Aging You?

The trend of wearing makeup is increasing with every passing day While every female is in effort to enhance her beauty by using different cosmetics, not all of them are fully aware of this art though.

It is a fact that when makeup is used properly it enhances natural beauty otherwise it makes you a monster. Some females paint their faces in such a manner that there seems little difference between them and a cartoon. They use different beauty products without knowing whether they are looking pretty or ugly.

It is time to take a hard look at your makeup routine. There are many reasons that lead to aging and every female must know how and what kind of makeup she should apply and how can she be safe from the skin hazards of aging. Some females have craze of makeup, they apply makeup on their face without knowing how they look afterwards. This thing gives them an aged look – far older than they actually are.

Due to advertisement of branded cosmetics, people have increasingly become brand conscious. Those who cannot afford branded products, use low quality products that are harmful for their skin and result in zits, pimples, freckles, and wrinkles etc.

That women are beauty conscious is no more a secret. They apply make up in competition to look more beautiful than others. In this way they experiment in a number of ways with their skin which leads to over aging. Some beauty products contain different chemicals that are responsible for allergies and irritation on skin. Some teenagers use makeup on daily basis. This is the age when girls get obsessed with skin whitening products. Most of the whitening products block their skin pores which leads to acne production.

Females use foundations and face powders before makeup. But too much face powder can make a girl look older and unnatural. Too heavy makeup will tend to cake and crack, leaving their skin wrinkly. They must keep one thing in mind that people want to see their beautiful face not just their makeup.

There are many tips to overcome this aging but I am going to compile some tips so that you will get the instant guide:

1. You must apply beauty product according to your skin type that is oily or dry.

2. Apply cosmetics less often and if you must then be careful and buy the products that are hypoallergenic.

3. You must use light makeup that seems natural.

4. If any cosmetic product shows adverse effects like pimples, wrinkles, acne etc immediately quit using it.

5. Before sleep you must remove makeup from face and wash with water because usage of makeup for long time can damage your skin.

6. You must avoid too much foundation and face powder and must blend foundation really well.

7. Aged women must use anti-aging beauty products.

8. You must not reapply makeup throughout the day. It looks chalky and old.

9. You must use blotting papers with you to remove oil from face.

If you apply above mentioned tips you will definitely say mwah to yourself instead of bleahhhh!!!!.

Makeup should soften your looks and enhance your beauty, not age you. Are you using your makeup correctly?

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