Intimate Grooming: What Women Need To Know!

Every woman deserves an area in her home that is entirely hers where she can review her intimate beauty. If you do not have that space, begin to create one. It will be your own laboratory, where you can establish a home spa. And will be the practical place to follow the proper women beauty guide. This area will be the one place you will use to store your own ideas and creations.

Many women encounter rashes, bumps and razor burn in the bikini area and thus stop shaving their intimate beauty. 

1.    Once you are in the shower, apply an anti-acne soap to your groin area

It is important the soap contain Salicylic acid. Lather liberally with this soap and allow it to remain on your private area for at least two minutes. The salicylic acid helps dissolve the acid mantle and gently break down the plugs in your pores affecting your intimate beauty. After the soap has been on your skin for at least two minutes, rub with a loofah. The coarseness of the loofah will help to shed some of the dead skin cells and make it less likely nearby pores become inflamed.

2.    When you finish your shower, pat the area dry

No rubbing. But make sure you are completely dry, following this women beauty guide.

3.    Consider using an astringent

If the area is currently inflamed or has a lot of bumps, use a salicylic acid containing astringent for sensitive skin to take full advantage of this women beauty guide article. Apply lightly to the area with a cotton balls using downward strokes.

4.    After the skin has dried apply an oil-free facial moisturizer

Again, make sure it stays external. The longer you can wait to put on panties the better. If you bathe at night try sleeping without underwear, or wear soft yoga pants to keep your intimate beauty.

After following this regimen for two or three days you are ready to shave. (If you are changing your grooming habits and this is the first time you have shaved some parts, it may be easier if you first use some small grooming scissors to cut the hair first.) 

5.    Make sure your razor is sharp and take your time

Note to all women in a hurry – you are not grating parmesan cheese here, please slow down and pay attention.  It is often helpful to pull the skin so it is tight with you other hand to achieve a closer shave to restore your intimate beauty. As you finish shaving, make sure to feel the entire area with your hand to check for any spots you may have missed. You may be shy about doing this, but it is your body.  It is your only body and there is no shame or guilt in feeling your own body or grooming yourself in a way you like.

6.    Underarms need attention too

Hair also grows in different directions in the underarm area. Teach yourself to shave up and down and sideways. Always prep this area thoroughly.

Personal hygiene is about caring for and respecting our intimate beauty. As the cold weather returns once again, fuzzy socks gain favor and bikinis are shoved into the backs of drawers. And with the retiring of swimsuits, it seems a lot of intimate groo

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