How to Improve your Vision Naturally by Doing Eye Exercises

Keeping your body fit and maintain is the biggest need for living a perfect and healthy life. The health and fitness of our each part of body is important and to do so one may have to follow daily exercise routine.

When it comes to eyes the most important body part of human body. Eyes allow us to see the bright and dark side of this life. We used our eyes to stare something, to look on television, computer screen, our mobile phones or any other thing in this world. It’s important to take care of our eyes as it plays a role of mirror for us.

But with the passage of time one may start feeling some eyesight issues, and ones you start wearing eye glases or contact lenses it become really difficult to get rid of them so to avoid these issue one must need to take care of their eyes by doing some daily exercises that will help them in sharpening their eyesight and to avoid blurry eyesight. Here we are listed down some daily eye exercises which are surely beneficial for your eyesight.

  • Palm your eyes: It’s one of the good exercises to relax your eyes. By closing your eyes and applying light pressure on them will spread the tear film in your eyes evenly and your eyes feel more relaxed. Doing this will surely reduce stimuli to your eyes and brain. So to do so. One need to sit on some silent place rub their palm together until they feel warmth then place it on your eyes and think about some peace full like beach and relaxed your mind. This will surely going to make your eyes feel more relaxed and pressure free. Continue this process for 3 minutes.
  • Massage your eyes: Massage will help in improving blood circulation which is good not only for your eyes but also for body. For good massage first you need two towels, one soak in cold water and other in hot water. Then first place the warm towel on your face then after few minutes place cold towel on your face, this will surely makes your muscles to feel light and relaxed. Then with your fingertips massage on your eyelid with light hands. As light pressure will help to stimulate your eyes.
  • Focusing: Focusing on a point or towards a object is the best practice to train your eyes. For this exercise put your thumb at least 10 inches away from your eyes then focus on your thumb for few seconds. Then take any other object which is approximately 10-20 feet away from you then start focusing on that object. By repeating this method for 2 to 3 minutes will help to strengthen your vision plus improve your eyesight.
  • Practice rhythmic eye exercise: This exercise will going to strengthen your eyesight plus to maintain good hand-eye coordination. For this exercise use bar swing. As bar swing helps to test the ability of your mind that how it can coordinate with your eyes. For this stand in front of a window and focus on a object on the other side of the window, relaxed your body and transfer your weight from one feet to another. Keep your breathing steady and relaxed. Continue this process for 2-3 minutes.
  • Directional exercise: Moving your eyes is a good way to exercise your eyes. Move your eyes right, left and up and down repeat each position for three times.
  • Blinking: If you continuously focus on something your eyesight become blurry. So blinking is necessary. Blinking gives your eyes time for refocusing. When you start feeling eye strain blink your eyes. This will lubricants your eyes and your mind start feeling refreshing.
  • Making figure eight: This is the best practice for controlling the physical movement of your eyes. For this imagine a figure eight on the floor about 10 feet in front of you. Then draw figure eight with your eyes.

After all these exercises take a short nap or lying on dark place is the best way to complete your daily exercise routine.

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