How Your Shoes Tell All

Not everything is revealed about their taste and personality when you look at someone. Sometimes minute details and fashion sense say a lot about a person. Shoes are one of those most important things in one’s dressing that tells a lot about their personality.

Wearing the right shoes at the right occasion and carrying them in the right manner is the key. Shoes are the next after the clothes that catch the eyes of the people looking at you. Clean shoes in right combination with your dress and other accessories make you stand out of the rest confidently and elegantly.

Wearing flat formal shoes for work and stylish pumps for the formal evenings work just right. If you have a good collection of Pakistani shoes, you can use them multi-functionally to define your unique style and personality. It is really important that your shoes should be first and foremost comfortable. As for the style and taste, it is essential that you keep a collection of shoes designs that you can wear to work and other formal or informal occasions.


Pumps in different shoe designs look really stylish and elegant for all kinds of formal and informal occasions. You can wear them to work or even a formal evening. Pumps are always in fashion and they really make you stand out of the rest because of their formal and elegant look.

Since you need to go to work every day; either by public transport or you drive yourself; you might use flat pumps that go with a number of your dresses. Nice casual but stylish flat Pakistani shoes will help you keep on toes all day long while defining your style sense. Keep a pair or two of comfortable pumps in your wardrobe as well to wear to a presentation or a formal official meeting.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are the most widely used in one’s life. They are much more comfortable and they look really good and stylish because of their shoe designs. They make you look carefree and sporty while making you stylish and fashionable at the same time. You can even wear them to work if you have a field job. They can go with almost all the casual dresses in your wardrobe being much economical. Pair them with all your jeans and tights and even skirts to give a chic look.


Sandals are the most widely used in Pakistani shoes because of the warm weather. They have a variety of shoe designs more than the pumps, which make them more popular among ladies of all ages. Sandals are both formal and informal and can be used multi-functionally. Likewise pumps, they also look really chic and stylish and add elegance to your personality.

Kuala-puri chappals

They are the hot favorite of every Pakistani girl in the hot summers. They come in different designs and lively colors that you can make a good combination with your dresses. They add a really stylish and colorful lively look to your personality.

Whatever Pakistani shoes you wear, make sure that are clean and make a good combination with your dress and other accessories; and most importantly, be sure that you’re wearing them at the right occasion.

Stylish, fashionable shoes make you stand out and reveal your true style and taste. Good shoes impact your personality and make a profound statement.

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