How To Wear Makeup When Your Face Is Flaking Off

Women who having dry skin they also look older before the time because of wrinkles and flaks on their face due to lack of oil which helps skin to get moist and smooth. To get rid of this issue  for the short and long period I am sharing some useful information and cosmetics which will definitely  nourish your skin for the long time and also help to keep your makeup looking all day fresh and flak free.

1. Good Quality Moisturizer:

Moisturizer is key thing to hydrate dry and flaky skin and moist it deeply after absorbing. So before starting makeup, you must prepare your skin with a good moisture blend. For this Clinique Super defense triple action moisturizer with SPF 25 is an amazing product which is made for dry and very dry flaky skin. The formula of this moisturizer left your skin soft and silky and even protects from sunrays, pollution, wrinkles and pesky brown spotted skin as well.

2. Apply Foundation:

After hydrating your skin with moisturizer, it’s time to apply liquid foundation. Foundation is best for people who having flaky skin as it covers patches as well as give moist to the skin. But be careful while buying foundation, always choose hydrating cream or lotion foundation rather than matte or oil free foundation as these are made for oily skin.

Moreover always use your finger tips to apply foundation as figure tips are naturally warm and help foundation to apply smoothly and evenly. Do remember in foundation, experts always said “less is more” so do not need a lot of coverage. Just take little and blend it all over. Body Shop’s Moisture foundation SPF 15 is a lightweight liquid foundation that gives light to medium coverage, a flawless finish and is ideal for dry skin.

3. Don’t use Powder:

Do not go on what sales person says at their cosmetic shop for powder or pan cake. Just remember if you are having dry flaky skin then say no to face powder but if you occasionally get shine on your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), then you may dust a tap of powder just in the center of your face over those areas. 

4. If You Wana Use Bronzer:

For bronzers, I like a liquid or cream option, like this one from Clinique, Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in bronze because it won’t worsen dried-out skin. Flaky skin is usually get sensitive then it is best to use as it is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic cosmetics on your face so as not to exacerbate the issue.

5. Time to Blush:

For dry and flaky skin creamy blush on is a gift from cosmetic makers as cream blush gives a natural, smooth and dewy glow to this kind of skin. It just disguises the fact that skin is actually dry. Try Stila Convertible Color which is truly workable and worth able.

6. Apply Eye shadow:

For drier skin, creamy eye shadows are best to be use as it gives smooth texture to your eye lid. I loved Body Shop Cream Eye Color as this soft eye cream gives the gleam to my eyes. It is really subtle with the metallic glimmer which comes out when the light catch it. It may apply at day and night function equally.

7. Soft, Non-chapped Lips:

In winter season most people’s lip gets chapped and dries then how it is possible for dry flaky skinned people to elude from it. It is better to use lip scrub daily made from granulated sugar and almond oil, so many good quality lip scrubs are available to exfoliate lips in the market. After scrubbing your lips you must use lip balm to make your lips more soft and smooth.

8. Color your Lips:

Once you’ve hydrated your lips, then apply lip stick but are sure to choose creamy, moisturizing, sheer lip sticks and avoid matte one. You may also use lip gloss which will make your lips look and feel juicier and plumy.

People call them lucky who have normal to oily skin as it is easy to deal with those kinds of skin instead of dry skin. It is also tough to do makeup on this kind of skin. Many women got tensed and ask how to wear makeup when your face is flaking off?

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