How to Wear Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric blue eyeliner is back again! Encouraged by the style of 80s here are our tips for wearing this season’s most innovative colour. Bright up girls and incorporate bright and fresh colours in your makeup routine! Jazz it up or overall enhance your look with the unique electric blue coloured eyeliner.

When you are looking for coloured makeup, blue eyeliner is one of the essential items for your kit. You can wear a light coloured foundation and can contour your cheeks in order to give a complete look to yourself with this eyeliner. Take really bright blue long-wear eyeliner of a perfect brand and draw it all along the lower lash line.

You can then apply the electric blue eyeliner in liquid or in pencil. After that smudge it a little bit with a small sized brush and apply mascara onto your lashes of whatever colour you want. Blue eyeliner adds an additional zing to personality and makes you stand out from the rest of the gathering. Electric blue eyeliner makes your eyes appear big, bold and sensuous. This colour ads depth to your eyes and makes them appear beautiful It helps to follow the line onto the skin at the inner corners to help the colour emerge beautifully.

You must get to know what the top bluest eyeliners to choose from are, what the secret beauty tips behind it are and how to use this product to look amazing. To look amazing, you will also have a chance to know how to do them perfectly. Blue eyeliner comprising dark, navy and brighter shades can achieve the perfect celebrity look whenever you wear this eye liner.

Blue Eye Liner Pencil

When properly applied, blue eyeliner can give you a very attractive look without making you look casual. You have seen top celebrities looking stunning and dramatic just because of the application of this unique coloured eyeliner. You can also opt for the electric blue eyeliner and stand a chance to shine in this liner colour too. They will particularly look magical if matched well with eye shadow of an appropriate shade.

Black eyeliner is always used in routine by ladies as a classic symbol of eyeliner but now we are going to break the monotony of using black colour and bring to you all beautiful electric blue eyeliner. This is a distinctive look for ladies who love a bit of drama look on their eye lids. It brightens up your face, especially for night parties with family and friends. Put on this bright blue liner with a more subtle combination of light gold eyeshade, so as not to overpower the already powerful liquid liner and used two coats of mascara on top and bottom of your eyes.

Although it is a trendy appearance, it is strongly recommended to be careful on the lipstick colour you will use. Most of the times a nude matte lipstick would match perfectly with this eye catching colour. Pencils or liquid eye liners both can be used.

Blue Eye Liner

Moreover one must be sure to exhibit confidence while wearing blue eye liner. If you are not confident while putting it up, it will give a very unsure and uncertain outlook. It is an innovative makeup tool to be included in your makeup kit .Even if you don’t wear it every day, once in a while would be enough to give you the edgy hip look to beat the crowd. Blue eyeliner looks immensely fetching during the night time. It is the magic in the fluttering electric blue lined eyes that would make people fall for you and into the realms of your eyes.

You will fall in love with the application of this eye liner. This is a super funky option for those of you that want some edge to your look without going nuts with lots of products. It’s very wearable to use a colour liner just on the upper lid for an added pop of colour to brighten your day!

Who can resist a woman with perfect eyeliner? No matter what your eye shape is, wear electric blue eye liner and you will look dashing in every dress. Let us show you how simple this irresistible makeup art is.

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