How to Use a Fan Brush

A fan brush is a fan shaped brush with supple bristles and is used for many purposes. A multipurpose fan brush should be part of your makeup kit. The effective tool can do a lot in your makeup. From facial treatment to dusting off stray makeup, fan makeup can do a lot more. It is one of most practical makeup tools.

Some people own fan brush but rarely use it because they don’t know what the actual use of fan brush is. A fan brush has boatload of uses so include a must have makeup tool in your makeup kit. You can use fan brush to create different effects on your cheeks, neck line, eyes and on many other parts of face.

Apply blush:

The fan brush is a perfect tool for the application of blush. The soft and subtle look is provided by the use of fan makeup brush for the application of blush. Dip the brush in loose blush powder and sweep on cheeks below cheek bone at upward angle towards the ear. The advantage of the fan brush is that it picks up less color than brush of the blush. Sweep of blush with fan brush give you natural look.

Brush off makeup crumbs:

Do you apply eye makeup and mascara without having bit of shadow powder or mascara droplets on your cheeks? Perhaps no! It is harder to apply eye makeup without falling it on your cheeks. First do your eye makeup so that you can dust away stray eye makeup that has fallen onto your cheeks. To brush off eye shadow crumbs, use fan brush with light hand. The fan brush is s perfect tool to dust away flecks from cheeks without smearing them. 

Even out:

The other utilization of fan brush is to apply foundation. You can use fan brush for the application of powdered mineral foundation or baked foundation. It helps you in redistribution of loose powder on the face. The thin, light and soft bristles of fan makeup brush picks up any excessive powder left on the skin and even out your makeup. 


The round tip and soft bristles of fan brush is ideal for blending. Use it with light hand to blend blush or eye makeup. Soften your dramatic look by blending your makeup with this effective makeup tool


The fan brush is also useful for the application of bronzer. Bronzer can be applied with the help of fan brush just like blush. Sparsely dust a light shimmery powder on the apple of your cheeks, the nose, chin and middle of your fore head above the eyebrows. You can keep the application of the product lighter by picking up less amount of product. Enhance the shimmery effect on your face by layering on more products.

Facial treatments application:

The best application of fan brush is to use it in facial treatment. Apply mask, peels or other facial treatments by using fan brush instead of your fingers. The use of fan brush uses fewer products and gives more coverage than finger application in facial treatment. Don’t forget to clean the brush after each use.

Once you use it, you will never give it up. Get benefits from fan brush by including in your makeup kit.

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