How to Summer it Up for Your Beauty Bag

All of us women keep a daily dose of makeup accessories with us whether we are at work or simply at home doing home chores. Keeping yourself fresh and lively is a must. So when the weather changes, the quality and type of products need to change as well because easily sudden weather changes affect your skin greatly. These simple beauty swaps will keep your pores clear, your face protected, and your hair bouncy and fresh. It’s the easiest way to get gorgeous for summer and relieves you of those painstaking heavy facials or treatments.

Skin Fair Moisturizers or Sunblocks:

Summer is here and it means the sun rays shall have no mercy over your skin for the entire tenure of this season. Keeping a foundation or any other face product is not that productive since it will either make your skin too oily or will over your skin pores and hence create an unhealthy looking skin. It is necessary for you to keep a sun block or a UV protective moisturizer to keep your skin protected and healthy.


Water Proof Mascara:

Between pool-time and 100 degree weather, do you really want to risk raccoon-eyes? These mascaras are strong and splash-proof, but won’t require a bulldozer to remove (just some eye makeup remover). So try on any water proof mascara of your choice ans of good quality to save yourself from black smudgy eyes.


Mineral Face Powder:

Layering heavy powder over foundation during the sweatiest, oiliest period of the year is a recipe for Disaster of immense proportions. Moreover, it’s extremely hot and your really don’t want to put that much makeup on. Dust any of the lightweight, semi-sheer mineral powders on your face instead and it’ll set your makeup well, but still allow skin to breathe.


Lip Balm:

A lipstick every now and then can destroy your lips for good. They will either become dark and dull or they will start drying out eventually. Treat them this summer with a smooth chapstick or a lip balm that will keep the moisture on your lips intact and won’t dry them out.


Face Serum:

At the time of year when your oil and sweat glands are on the go, it’s not so intelligent to mound on the heavy creams. Serum is much better and lighter, but will still give your skin the nourishment and vitamins it needs.


Body Spray:

A good Body spray is a must for everyone in summers. Keep a bottle every day with you because no one likes the sweat stench at the start or end of the day. Note that fragrances have a propensity to be intensified by high temperature, so be cautious that your go-to scent is light and is not cloying up every one’s noses. Body sprays are usually lighter, and these scents also boast summer notes from fig and grapefruit to passion flower and coconut.


Keeping yourself fresh and lively is a must. So when the weather changes, the quality and type of products need to change as well.

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