How To Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is disgusting habit mostly found in children and adults. It often starts in childhood as a result of stress and boredom. In psychological term, it is considered an impulsive control disorder in DSM IV TR. Studies also indicated that sixty percent of children and forty five percent of teenagers bite their nails. Nail biting is also called “onychophagia”. Nail biting damage your nails and makes your hands look ugly.

The main cause of nail biting is frustration and stress. Loneliness and nervousness are also additional emotional trigger that can lead to nail biting. You can get rid of this habit permanently by acting upon the tips that I am suggesting you. These tips will also help you to make your hands more attractive and beautiful as beautiful hands and nails have also become the part of fashion and style.

Nail biting is bad habit that is socially unacceptable and bitten nails also look unattractive. Some people bite their nails so badly that they damage their nails too badly and results in bleeding and infection. Nail biting not only affects your nails but also makes your teeth and gums weak. Unfortunately it is difficult to get rid of this habit because you bit your nails unconsciously. If you want to get rid of this nasty habit of nail biting then there are some tips for you so that you can be save from this bad habit and also can have pretty hands.

In market, there are many anti nail biting products available. You should try any one of these products. In markets, there are many nail polishes available having bitter taste. Coat your nails with bitter taste nail polish. The bitter taste will discourage you to from biting nails. This nail polish will also strengthen your nails and you will definitely stop this nasty habit. The anti biting nail polish will make your nails strong and will help you to repair and grow your nails well.

You can also change your habit by developing a new habit. You can replace your nail biting habit by adopting new and good habit. Keep your mouth busy. You should try chewing gum or carrot to avoid biting your nails. The other option is that put your nails in your pockets then there will be less temptation to bite the nails.

Keep your nails trimmed and short. If you keep your nails trimmed and short then you will be less likely to bite your nails. You must use clipper to clip your nails and you should have clipper in your bag all the time. Never bite your nails if there is nothing.

If you are a girl then you can go with beautiful and bright nail colors and manicure that will look disgusting if it is chipped. You can also wear fake nails. This is another effective and easy way to keep your nails covered.

Give yourself professional manicure. Professional manicure is expensive and you will think hundred times before biting your nails because you will never want to ruin your pricy look.

You can also cover your nails by wearing gloves. Keep gloves in your pocket so when you want to bite, wear gloves. Gloves will prevent your nails from biting them.

Keep your hands clean and use moisturizer after washing your hands. You should also use cuticle oil and shine and growth promoter to protect your nails.

You can stop this habit if you keep yourself motivated. Recognize the importance of your nails because nails are integral part of fashion. The above mentioned tips will help you to prevent this nasty habit of biting nails.

The habit of biting nails is usually common amongst children and adults. This is not a good habit and also damages your nails too badly. Stop your nail biting habit forever and keep your hands beautiful.

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