How to pick RIGHT Foundation Makeup?

The desire of collecting cosmetics is a natural factor among women; however, it is very important and tricky job to choose right cosmetics for your skin and color. While choosing cosmetics, it is very important to pick up safe cosmetics to protect your skin from damages and signs of aging.

Our skin needs extra pampering and care to protect it from wear and tear process, and that’s where the selection of cosmetics means a lot. Among the wide range of cosmetics, the selection of right foundation makeup is the most tough and tricky job. Most of the women found themselves lost while purchasing foundation, as they don’t know how to pick right cosmetics.

Our beauty cosmetics tips will thoroughly guide you how to pick right cosmetics for yourself, according to your skin type.

To find the right foundation makeup here are the following steps:

  • Always go to a large departmental or beauty supply store to purchase cosmetics, where you can have multiple brands of cosmetics available.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from beauty technicians whenever you are looking for cosmetics.
  • When it comes to foundation makeup, don’t expect too much out of one cosmetics’ range. The main concern while choosing foundation makeup are even out skin tone, even out skin texture, being shine-free, oil free and be 24 hour wear at the same time. However, foundation makeup will only fulfill one or two needs, so pick the cosmetics that best suits according to top priorities.
  • Before picking up the foundation makeup, first determine the undertone of your skin, and find whether it is pink, yellow, peach, brown etc.
  • Pick up the foundation makeup with the same undertone to best compliment your skin and always try store samples on your skin before you buy any of the cosmetics.
  • Make sure not to wear foundation when you go out to buy foundation makeup, as it will increase confusion about your natural skin color.
  • The best beauty cosmetic tips for selecting right foundation makeup for you is to pick up the shade that best match the color of your jaw line, because it will cover both the shades of neck and face. If the skin color of your face and neck are slightly different, pick up the foundation makeup that’s in between.
  • As the season changes, the shade and texture of your skin also change. This means, you need a different foundation makeup for summer and winter.

The life of foundation makeup is 6-8 months. Always make sure to throw out cosmetics after the expiry of their shelf life, as the makeup products develop bacteria and become less smooth in texture.


Get the tricky job of selecting foundation makeup done, by our amazing beauty cosmetics tips.

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