How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller: Clever Tips

Every common man or women cannot afford nose job or surgery to make their nose slim, small and attractive. But don’t worry you have another option to overcome your this problem, which is make up! Yup! With little technique you can get your dream shape of nose. Here are some clever beauty tips for you to make your nose look smaller.

Over all contouring and perfect blending is necessary in make up to make your nose look smaller. We often forget to contour our nose while applying face powder and blush on as face powder makes a base layer on our face and we lose sharpness of our features. To re-create or highlight the features, whenever you do make up you should use a bronzer stick and give little stokes of your blush on or bronzer on each side of your nose, from top of your eye brows till your nostrils and blend it perfectly to give it natural look. With this you will always find your nose small and prettier.

If You Have Broad Nose:

You may see contouring any part of your face with darker shade can make that part look slim or small same as people with wider, broad nose should apply little amount of foundation on outer side of your both sides of nose and blend it thoroughly towards your cheeks. Your foundation must be one shade darker than your skin tone or make up tone. Then take a highlighter or a lighter shade of foundation and apply a little to the bridge of your nose. It will make your nose look small, narrow or thin.

If You Have Long Nose:

Normally in Pakistan people like long sharp nose but If your nose is extra long then take foundation or bronzer of darker shade which must be one shade darker than your own skin color and apply it on tip and underneath the tip of your nose and blend it smoothly to make your nose look smaller.

If You Have Crooked Nose:

For people who having crooked nose should follow the same trick of people having wide nose but be sure that the lines of darker foundation must be straight.

Other Things You May Do:

Other clever tip is to focus on other features of your face so with this people will not consider or emphasis on your nose. 

> In which bold lips can play vital role. Apply bold and bright color of lip sticks on your lips. It will divert all attraction towards your lips and helps to draw attention away from your nose. Deep red color lipstick is perfect for it.

> During make up use concealer to brighten up your eyes and to hide dark circles as dark circles underneath your eyes can draw a lot of attention to the area of your nose. Good conceal of your eyes will focus away from your nose.

> Highlight apples of your cheeks with peachy blush on at up and outer way. It will give your nose soft and small look.

> Hair style may also help as you can see with centre parting hair styles usually put others attention towards our nose. Try this tip of wearing hair with side parting. Moreover, if your nose is slightly bends to one side then make parting your hair form opposite side. It will balance your face. You may also make up dos and high hair styles rather than face framing layers or curls.

> Give volume at back of your head and apply gel on your hair to give shine as shine and volume can also help to balance your prominent log or blob nose. The fullness of your hair will help to make your features soft.

> Avoid doing heavy eye makeup as it may draw attention towards your nose but you can use false eye lashes or may curl your lashes. You can also put dramatic eyeliner.

Small and balanced nose is dream of many people. No one likes wide, extra long or blob nose. It can just make people to ignore to see our other good features. That’s why a lot of actors and actresses have done nose job or surgery to look attractive but

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