How To Make Your Eyes Look Larger

Makeup can give you illusion of large eyes. Everyone wishes that her eyes appear larger. If you have ever seen the celebrities without makeup, you can feel the big difference in their appearance. This is the makeup that makes you look beautiful or ugly. The eyes can be made larger by using makeup. The perfectly applied makeup makes your eyes look larger. Create illusion of larger eyes by following the easiest steps mentioned here. Make your pretty eyes really pop and get larger eyes with little effort. 

Start with mascara. Long lashes instantly make your eyes appear bigger. Before using mascara do remember to curl your lashes. Point your lashes upward and outward to ensure larger lashes. Mascara does not only make lashes long but also maps out the rest of your eyes look. Make your eyes pop with mascara and curler which is very important first step. 

Next step is to make your eyebrows more prominent. Thickening the brows will bring your eyes under spotlight. Use brown eye brow pencil to fill the brows. Make sure to not use black eyebrow pencil as it will give bold appearance. Alternate to brown eyebrow pencil you can go for brown eye shadow. Use flat brush to highlight your brows with brow eye shadow. This area requires most definition. Tweezing the brows thin and leave them unattended will make your eyes look small. 

Trace the upper lash line with dark color eye liner. When you smudge dark eyeliner around the eye it actually makes your eyes appear larger. Try black, navy blue, dark brown or charcoal eye liner that is smudged around your upper and lower lashes. Apply the eyeliner a little heavier on the outside corners. To avoid your eyes looking heavy and bold, add white in the inner rims of your eyes. Leave white rims unattended with liner. White liner on water lines extends the white part of your eyes. As white line works as illusion it will make your eyes look wider.

Apply matte nude shadow on the entire lid. It would be better to go for shimmery neutral eye shadow. It’s like switching the light on eye lids. Choose two more colors except nude and make sure to go for the shades darker than the nude. Apply the darker colors on your crease and blend it upward towards eye brows with the help of finger. 

While applying eye shadows do remember little is much. Apply less quantity of eye shadows to avoid over do. Apply darker shades on the outer corners and light shade in the inner corner and lid. This is must for making your eyes look wide and big. It will create illusion of larger eyes with nice blending. 

If you want to add depth to your eyes then go for pale eye shadow with black eyeliner. The darker shade with pale touch will make eyes pop. So apply darker shade on the outside corners of the eyes to make eyes look larger. At the end apply two coats of mascara to get finishing effect. By acting upon these tips, you can instantly grab attention with the spotlight on your larger eyes.

Here you will find some tips to make your eyes look larger. Create illusion of larger eyes. Bring your eyes under spotlight by making them look larger.

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