How to Make Your Eyebrow Hairs Straight Instead of Curly

Straight eyebrow hairs enhance the personality. But sometime it is difficult to get straight eyebrows hair.  We are giving some useful tips to get them.

Pluck out unwanted eyebrows hair:

To avoid curliness of eyebrows, 1st of all you have to pluck out unwanted eyebrows hair. Now to pluck out these unwanted hairs, there are many ways. You may use tweezers, wax, threading. In my opinion tweezing eyebrow hairs is good way to get good result.

Brush up upwards:

Brush up your eyebrows hair upward with special eyebrow hair shape comb. Before combing apply hair gel on your eyebrow hair comb. Then cut the excess and long hairs with your scissor.

Shape the eyebrow:

Now start shaping the eyebrow. The beginning of the brow should align with the center of the nostril. The eyebrow should follow the length of the eye but it shouldn’t extend into the temple area. The basic rule is that the front part of the brow should never drop below the back part of the brow. Allowing this to happen, either with the way you tweeze your eyebrows or the way you draw them on, makes you look like you’re frowning and overemphasizes the downward movement of the back part of the eye. The neat & clean eyebrows will increase the chance to keep eyebrow hairs straight instead of curly.

After getting good shape, you can maintain eyebrows on daily basis to make eyebrow straight instead of curly. Here are some more eyebrow hairs care tips.

  •  Brow gels help keep your brows set full day. Or if you have no gel, use a hairspray to your finger and use it to be unruly hairs in place.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches the color of your own eyebrows. If you have pale or blonde eyebrows use a color that is only one or two shades deeper than your natural brow color.
  • The important thing to think about how to shade eyebrows is the coloring. People who have a light colored hair color will have light colored eyebrows.
  • The perfect time after a shower, as your pores will be open from the warmth, so the hairs will be easier to take out. This will help take eye brow hairs care.

Getting good eyebrow hairs shape without loosing the natural look will enhance your appearance. Shape the eyebrow hairs according to your face shape. The shape of your brows should directly coincide with the shape of your face and your overall look. A good eyebrow shape will help your eyes look bigger and more dramatic and really open up your face. Pencil thin or overly bushy eyebrows are dated looks that can be distracting rather than enhancing.

Having well shaped and straight eyebrows enhance your personality. Get accurate eyebrow hair and keep them straight with tips given here.

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