How To Look Beautiful This Winter

Chilly, freezing and dead winter is ahead with all of its dryness. The flaky and irritable skin, chapped lips, cracked heals, wrinkles and dandruff are the gifts everyone is sure to take. Following are the most useful and easy to follow Pakistani beauty tips that are sure to help you fight against the frosty winter.
  1. The very first in winter beauty tips is to wear a suitable sunscreen the whole day long, even when you are home. Sounds strange?? The most cloudy and non sunny days even ask for a full spectrum sun screen as there are few radiations coming from sun that can harm your skin in winters. The UVA rays can go through glass even. So staying home doesn’t mean leaving your skin exposed. This is the most important amongst the beauty tips for winter as it helps preventing skin diseases.
  2. Second important in Pakistani beauty tips is to say no to all kinds of acidic products and astringents during winters. Winter beauty tips point towards mild and skin friendly moisturizers which prevent the skin from getting dry and irritable.
  3. The best among beauty tips for winter is to apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin (1:1 volume / volume) all over the body as it helps retaining the moisture of your skin. Pakistani beauty tips are usually cost efficient and so is this. There are not any known side effects for using this simple home remedy.
  4. Avoid long and hot showers. Try to minimize your showering time and be gentle while rubbing your body skin. Winter beauty tips point that by doing so, you might be peeling off the outer protective layer of the skin. Hot water is sure to make your body moisture sap leaving the skin even drier and flaky.
  5. Another among the basic beauty tips for winter is that use moisturizing and mild soaps. soaps with strong perfumes, or anti bacterial ingredients can make your skin dry and sensitive.
  6. Try to keep up the humidity content in your environment. By placing a steaming bowl in any of the room corners can help keeping the moisture level of the room intact. According to Pakistani beauty tips, you can place a bowl full of water near your gas heaters.
  7. A must mention in the list of beauty tips for winter is to drink as much water as you can. It will keep the skin hydrated.
  8. Winter beauty tips ask for hot drinks containing flavonoids as they are a must during winters. They impart a glow to your skin for being the best antioxidants.
  9. It’s not only the face which needs to be taken much care of during winters rather your hands and feet also deserve to be suggested some beauty tips for winter. For instance, a good and soothing manicure and pedicure, regular massage with moisturizer. etc.
  10. For chapped lips, the most useful and simple beauty tips for winter say that go for vitamin E based lip balm and apply it several times a day and especially before going to bed.
  11. Blood circulation slows down when it is cold, so you must provide regular massage for your skin in circular motion so that the blood flow fastens, leaving your skin repaired and fresh.
  12. Avoid using strong shampoo and make sure that conditioners and scalp moisturizers are a must during winter as they help preventing dandruff.

We hope the aforesaid Pakistani beauty tips for winter would help you restoring your beauty and looking younger even during the dead winter!!

Everyone is looking for easy beauty tips as winters have arrived in Pakistan. Enjoy looking healthy and supple even when you are dry and chapped by following these beauty tips for winter.

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