How to look beautiful on this Eid ul Adha

But don’t get confuse this year, I am giving you some very useful tips of make up to look beautiful on this Eid ul Azha.

1-Proper Cleansing:

Before get start your outer makeup it’s very necessary to deep clean your skin internally as by doing work in the kitchen at high temperature your skin should be healthy and oil free enough to sustain your make up while working in the kitchen. For this do proper scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing with some good quality branded face cleansing kit. It will make your skin fresh and hydrate throughout your Eid day.

2-Apply Base:

 First apply primer on your face as it will moisturize your face and make your face oil free which helps your entire makeup to last longer throughout the day. Leave your face to rest for five minutes and then apply face powder or pan cake according to your skin tone, more under your eyes to hide your dark circles. Peachy pink for fairer complexion, yellow for wheatish and brick colored face powder for dark complexion. I will not recommend you to use foundation in day time as it may makes cracks or patches and melts your make up during cooking. Remember, it’s not necessary to put all the makeup things on your face, sometimes simple basics of makeup can make you beautiful rather than applying all makeup products. You may go for foundation and concealer in evening or night party.

3- Blush on & Bronzer:

I will recommend to don’t use bronzer who have dark complexion, if you want to use then apply just a little bit. Fair complexion ladies can apply bronzer on their cheeks to enhance their cheek bones. Now apply blush on, little spread on your forehead and chin to balance your make up and bit dark on your cheek to highlight them but don’t overdo your blush on. Brown or honey bare blush on looks dramatic and attractive on girls who have wheatish complexion and rosy pink or peach looks so pretty on fair complexion.

4- Eye Makeup:

Eyes are very important to enhance your beauty if you do proper make up on them. Don’t play so much with your eyes as little is more to bright up to eyes. Highlight your upper eye bone with shiny white in day time and with mixture of gold and silver in night time. Then take two complementary shades of eye shadows which goes with your dress, one should be lighter and one should be darker shade. Apply lighter shade on your eye lid and make edges to complete your eye with dark shade. But be careful blend them properly to give natural look. Apply eye liner of dark brown or roasted color in day time and black in night. Note the tip, ladies who having small eyes always use thin eye liner to make bigger eyes and who having already big eyes, they should use thick eye liner to balance. Then use kajal to give your eye traditional look on this traditional event of Eid ul Azha and apply transparent mascara in day time.

5-Play with your Lips:

It’s now up to you what you want to do with your lips but don’t make extra lip lines as it always look bad. Just be with your own natural lip shape. Highlight your lips with lip liner; it should be match with your lip stick color. Then apply lip stick to fill your lips, it’s your choice to give your makeup bold look with deep red color, coffee color or want to give them natural look with peach, orange, pink or brown color. You may add little drama in evening party with little touch of your eye shadow on your lips. It will really give your lips charismatic look. Hope so these beauty tips will solve your problem of how to look beautiful on this Eid ul Azha. Wish you very happy Eid !

Eid ul Azha is coming after few weeks and the preparations to welcome this auspicious occasion of Muslims are at their peak, from purchasing of animals for qurbani to shopping of new dresses, shoes, accessories. With all these, ladies got always confuse h

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