How to Know You Smell when You Can’t Smell Yourself

During the summer one of the problems faced by many is the bad body odour problem. You need to know how you smell. Since your nose is accustomed to your own body smell so it’s hard to tell when you smell bad. Before you focus on your body smell focus on your hygiene habits and practices.

While you change clothes smell them at the areas where you smell the most you will know what kind of body smell you have. If you sweat excessively you should follow some sweating care tips, use a body spray regularly. Take bath often and change clothes every time you think you have excessively sweated.

If you sweat excessively try not to wear unbreathable synthetic material because that will enhance the bad odour from sweating.

Besides bad odour augmented in clothes, the diet can also affect your bad breath. If you like garlic and onions in your meal make sure you have a chewing gum or a mint candy handy with you. Besides, this makes sure your choice of meal is the choice of the majority at the table because then it will be hard to distinguish the bad odour from each one of them.

Know when your breath smells bad and brush your teeth. Adopt healthy oral hygiene habits. Besides, know the areas where moisture and bacteria thrives. Keep those areas dry so that they don’t accumulate dirt and sweat and cause bad body odour.

One of the sweating care tips for those of you who sweat too much is to avoid excessive chillies in food because they cause sweating and to avoid that concentrate on your diet.

If morning breath is your problem, the cure for this is a glass of warm water with lemon juice added to it for a quick rehydrate and removal of morning breath. Have a nice long shower and take your time to wash the body and hair with precision. Besides, the most important hygiene practice is to change your sanitary wear frequently to avoid sweating and bad odour.

Avoid excessive sweating along with bad odour during summers by following some simple sweating care tips.

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