How To Find The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type

All shampoos are not created equal as everyone hair’s has individual differences and needs. Shampoo aisle in markets are filled by a number of shampoos having different lingo which can give youa sensory overload. Shampoo is considered as cleansing agent that is used to clean your hair and scalp from dirt and oil. Choosing a shampoo does not have to be a head game.

The foremost thing to consider before choosing a shampoo is to consider your scalp. Make sure about your hair type before considering the shampoo. Whether you have frizz prone hair or color treated, it is necessary to treat them with best suited shampoo. I formulated a guide for you so that you can find the best shampoo formula for your hair type.

Dry and Brittle Hair:

Regular use of heat appliances and color treatment makes hair dry and dull. The main symptom of dry and dull hair is the hair damage in the form of split ends. To target dry and brittle hair, choose a shampoo that is infused with nourishing plant oil or having ingredients like menthol and tea tree.

Pick up a shampoo that moisturizes your brittle hair and restores the lost shine. Give your flaky and dry scalp the first defense by choosing right shampoo.Go for the shampoo with labels that promote moisture and hydration for slightly dry scalp. Refrain from volumizing, strengthening and fortifying shampoos.

Oily and Greasy Hair:

If your scalp tends to be greasy and dry and you feel embarrassment with it, thenvoid shampoo that is moisturizing and hydrating. Rather go for the shampoo that clears away any greasy residue. The best shampoo for oily hair should contain ingredients like astringent herbs and citrus extracts which work to break up excessive oil from greasy scalp. Stay away from creamy shampoos that are particularly made for ladies having curly hair. It will boost volume and give lift to fine locks. You can wash your hair daily to remove the excessive oil.

Normal Hair:

For normal hair, it is good to move towards the product having label for “all hair types”. Pick up a sulfate free shampoo comprising of seaweed extracts can be great for normal hair. The shampoo formula containing cottonseed oils and argon is right to balance moisture level of strands without stripping natural oils.

Thick or Curly Hair:

The curly, wavy or thick hair are included in dry hair type.So, go for creamy shampoo that are free from harsh ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate. Feel free to skip a day in washing hair. Go for nourishing shampoo to sustain natural hair oils so that strands don’t dry out. 

Color Treated Hair:

Gentle sulfate and alcohol free is made for your color treated hair. Stay away from shampoos containing detergents that not only remove dirt and oil from hair but also strips color molecules from hair cuticles. Go for the shampoo that is packed in soy, oat and wheat proteins. Look for protective salon formula that contains fruit based color enhancer and have anti fade properties.

It is hard to choose from the shampoo aisle in a grocery store. Abundant of different brands have been introduced with multitude of shampoos flashing different lingo. How to find a perfect match for your hair?

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