How To Do – Winged Eyeliner

Eyeliner has become the necessity in beauty regimen of almost every woman. Now the trend is to do winged eyeliner that appears to be flattering on everyone. The winged eyeliner had been beauty staple since fifties and still seen everywhere. Especially the heroines of fifties were seen in black and white movies with highlighted eyeliners.

Let’s refresh the old memories of fifties by winging our eyeliner. Winging the eyeliner is not less than trick. When it is done right it looks alluring and sultry. It can be a challenge for makeup novices though. Give extra dose of glamour to your eyes by trying winged eyeliner.

For starters, it can be intimidating but little bit of practice will make you a pro. This guideline will help you in getting graceful flick of winger eyeliner. Check out how you can rock this perpetual trend and get perfect winged eyeliner easily.

You can use any color pencil or gel eyeliner to get this mysterious look. The ideal time to apply eyeliner is before the application of mascara and after eye makeup. If your eyelids get oily then apply powder eye shadows on eyes and also an eye shadow base for perfect winged line. I must suggest you to pick pen eyeliner. It is easy to handle and is waterproof.

1. For perfect application, set mirror at chin level and look downward. Starters hand may be unstable in beginning. But fret not, to make your hands stable, rest your elbows on table. Simply apply a thin line of eyeliner as you apply daily. Start from the middle of your eyelid and draw a line as close to your eyelashes as possible.

2. Now examine where you want to start your wing line. Close your eye and use your bottom lash line as reference. To give dramatic look, draw a line going outward from the last upward lash. Extend line diagonally up and outward and it should practically look like continuation of lower lash line. The line should be head in the direction of the end of your eyebrow. The length of wing is your choice. Never extend the wing up to the eyebrow.

3. Use light sketching technique with the pen in shorter strokes by drawing line from the outer corner to give winged effect.

4. As you get closer to inner lash line, keep the eyeliner line thin. This should create the effect of liner thin at inner lashes to thicker at outer lashes.

5. Follow the natural shape of your eye and connect lines to give a perfect shape. Fill in any missing place if left any. And repeat the same procedure on the other eye and get sultry and glamorous eyes. The wings should be fairly even on both eyes.

6. To make your lines crisp, use a small brush to clean up the edge by dipping it in concealer. Finish off this sexy look by applying coat of thickening black mascara.

Fret not, if you would not be able to get perfect winged eyes in first few attempts. Just remember practice makes perfect. Keep trying by following the above mentioned guide. You will surely achieve perfect sultry and sexy eyes after a little bit practice.

The beauty staple of the season is winged eyes which have been in trend for many decades. Try winged eyeliner to get alluring and sultry eyes. It can be a little bit challenging for makeup novices but practice will make you a pro. Check out the steps to g

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