How to do a perfect pedicure

These hot summer days are fatally disadvantageous to your beauty and skin. With the sun scorching hot shedding nothing short of burning balls of fire down on earth, our skin suffers the most. To lower the effect of heat on our skin and keep that radiant glow going, we indulge ourselves in major beauty routines so as to maintain that pretty skin glow.

Various scrubs and oils are the savior to our summer skin damage, but what is not on the list (or maybe seldom on it), is some pure essential beauty treatment for our feet. Honestly, as less a pedicure is given to our feet, they suffer the most in summers from the heat and dust.On top of that, no one wears closed shoes with socks, summer call for open sandals or shoes that can expose your foot skin to more damage. Thus a pedicure should be a must in your monthly home spa routine in summers.

Here is a perfect pedicure for your feet to keep them soft and smooth and good as new:

Preparing for Pedicure:

Take a little olive or cuticle oil, and gently push back your cuticles to start off the pedicure. Then clip the edges of your nails properly. It is usually the best way to cut your toe nails and to make sure there aren’t any ingrowths in your toes. Do not cut them too short either because it can dement the shape of your nails. Then file to even out the nails.


Soaking in:

Fill a tub with warm water and add a cup of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is very good for your feet. It helps decrease stress and relieves pain from muscle and joint. It also exfoliates skin. So put your feet in the water and let them soak for about 10 minutes.


Treat one foot at a time; use a mild exfoliating scrub for your feet. Scrub the bottoms of your heels because that is where our feet suffer the most damage. Then take your foot scrubbing tool and smooth your heels going along your foot. This will keep your feet smoother.

Paint your Nails:

This is the tricky part for some people. Begin by painting a strip right from the middle of your big toe nail upright. Then do it again on either sides of the nail so the whole nail is covered. On all of your other little toe nails paint a thin layer horizontally. Now cover the toes of your other foot while the first nails dry. After you’re done apply a second coat to all your toenails the same way that you started. Dry for about 20 min. apply a clear top coat from transparent nail enamel.


Soften Them up:

Apply a deep lotion or healing cream to your heels to keep them from feeling dry and cracked. Apply a thick layer and put on cotton socks for a while to help absorb the lotion. After a while you will have super soft, pretty feet, and heels.

Get yourself pretty and softer feet through an amazingly perfect pedicure that can help you beat the heat for summers.

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