How to Clear up Acne While Pregnant

Why acne in pregnancy?
Before knowing everything about Acne care in pregnancy, you also need to know why they occur. Although, there is also a chance that your skin might actually improve during pregnancy, but most of the times, women complain that they have developed acne and don’t know what to do about acne care. Acne in pregnancy is caused due to higher levels of hormones called Androgens, which causes production of an oily production called Sebum in your skin. This sebum helps in blocking your pores which multiplies the production of bacteria and causes Acne. So what you have to understand is that Acne care in pregnancy might be even more complicated than it is in normal circumstances. 

What can be done for acne care in pregnancy?
Although, acne care in pregnancy cannot completely prevent acne, but steps should be taken to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Acne care treatments will at least make sure that you’ll get rid of your acne soon after the baby is born.

Keep your skin clean: Acne care in any situation demands that you take care of your skin’s hygienic conditions. Acne care in pregnancy also involves things like cleansing and washing your face regularly. 

Don’t your skin: During acne care, you need to be gentle with your skin. Doing things like rubbing your face with a towel can aggravate the problem. Pat your skin with a soft washcloth. 

Use oil-free products: Since sebum is already causing excessive oil-production, make sure you use oil-free moisturizers and face wash for acne care in pregnancy. Use make-up which are labeled "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic", which indicates that they are oil-free and won’t block your pores.

Don’t squeeze: Squeezing your pimples will not only make matters worse but also leave permanent scars on your face. If your acne is too severe, go to a dermatologist for acne care treatments, but not without consulting your midwife or doctor first.

The above information can help your skin with acne problem, but be extra careful about acne care treatments during pregnancy, because your baby might not like them too much.

Many pregnant women face Acne in pregnancy. Acne is not such a big issue as compared to others that women usually have to endure during pregnancy. Acne care in pregnancy is a tough job but you can get it with simple skin care tips.

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