How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Sport

Eyes are the irreplaceable and magnificent blessing of God. It is important for everyone to protect their eyes with dirt and ultra violet rays. Things that are important in good sunglasses are the color, lenses and protection.

The color of the lenses must not just complement your skin complexion but also protect your eyes from sun rays. Healthcare always recommend you to wear sunglasses especially places where exposure to sum light is more severe.

Following are some of the Pakistani sunglasses trends how you can select right sunglasses for you which will not just complement with your beauty but it will also protects from dangerous ultra violet rays.

  • Sunglasses Protecting from UV:

Sunglasses can eliminate ultra violet rays especially the UVB which are more dangerous and they have the tendency to damage retina and can even cause skin burning and eventually skin cancer. However, sunglasses have this thin layer on the lens which stops the sunrays to get to the eyes, it is permanent and it doesn’t wear off even with the passage of the time.

During sports like swimming, trekking, volley ball, fishing, surfing, jet skiing etc. it helps you from the sun glare and protects you eyes. Especially at hiking or jet skiing where due to high altitude the sunrays are even more destructive; it is necessary to wear glasses.

  • Visual Clarity:

Sunglasses stop the sun rays to get to the eyes. Hence, it builds the good visual as it stops the eyes from glare. For example during beach volley ball the sun rays directly affect your eyes therefore due to the glare it may affect you seeing capability.

  • Polarized Sunglasses:

Polarized lenses are different than the standard lenses of goggles. They have a special coating which is squeezed in between two lenses to make it more effective and it reduces the sun glare ten times more than standard sunglasses. It enhances the vision and the object appears to be sharper in color. During summers, a lot of hiking lovers go to northern are of Pakistan for trekking and climbing. Polarized lenses are really useful for them to reduce the glare.

These kinds of sunglasses are more useful for ski-diving, fishing, driving, sailing, cyclists, runners and sports fanatics.

  • Photo Chromic Lenses:

These are the lenses which automatically change colors with the light conditions and surroundings. More and more eyewear manufacturers are coming up with these unique set of goggles. Initially photo chromic lenses were only available in glass but now latest technology is making them available in plastic and polycarbonate.

  • Wraparound Sunglasses:

Wraparound sunglasses are very popular in extreme sports. These sunglasses not just covers the eyes but also have a semi plastic part which covers some part of the face to stay firm on the face during sports time or perspiration.

  • Colors of the Lenses:

Here we come at the part where we’ll define the how you can wear the goggles to enhance your beauty features according to the Pakistani sunglasses.

  • Red/orange Lenses:

Red/orange lenses go with almost every kind of lightening condition. And it looks excellent with every skin complexion.

  • Yellow Lenses:

Yellow color lenses are good with low visibility and low light conditions. For example, drive at night. Yellow lenses look nice with fair complexion but can look equally good with tan people also.

  • Amber and Brown:

It goes with almost every skin color and every light condition.


  • In order to keep you sunglasses scratch less it’s better to keep them in a case while you are not wearing them.
  • If you are not properly dressed up in the early morning and you still want to look stunning, you can put on your sunglasses and a hint of gloss and you’ll be all set to dazzle.

Sunglasses are more like a fashion statement than a protection one's eyes these days. Latest sunglasses trends 2011 are all innovative and stylish to be grabbed.

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