How To Apply Eye Shadow Like A Diva

When you flip through beauty magazines and have a look at the drop dead gorgeous models, you might want to be gorgeous like them. Did you ever wish to look like your favorite celebrities? Fret not! You can look gorgeous exactly like your favorite stars. Follow step by step guide to get glamorous eye makeup by applying eye shadows like diva. Look like a diva by taking charge on your eye makeup products with this step by step guide. By following these tips get flamboyant diva look and you will be perfectly primped.   

  • To apply eye makeup like a diva, start from the eye shadow base. Apply eye shadow with a finger or a soft shadow brush to the eyelid. The all eye makeup depends upon the base. It is vital to choose the best base for a perfect diva look. I must suggest you to apply BB cream on face including your eye lids. It would give painted finish effect. It will prevent creasing and keep the makeup in position. 

  • Now choose three shades of the same family one for brow bone, one to serve as eye liner and one for eye lid. Make sure to select the eye shadow shades from one family. Otherwise it will give more dramatic look. 

  • Start applying lightest eye shadow down to the crease under your eye brow. Use flat tipped eye shadow brush for the application of shade under the eyebrow. The application of flat tipped eye shadow will give assist you in achieving the desired effect. 

  • Now apply medium shade from lash line to crease by using fluffy eye shadow brush. After applying, blend the medium shade with the first shade you applied. 

  • Now apply darkest eye shade to the top lash line. This thinner effect of eye shadow on lash line can only be achieved by using thin liner brush. You can also line your bottom lash line with the same shade. It is up to you. To apply under eye, start from outer corner and tapering only till where eye ball ends. While applying eye shadow on the lower lash line look straight in the mirror.

  • Do remember to set your liner in dark shade. Take small shadow brush, wet it and dip in desired darkest shadow and apply. Do remember to pick the eye shadows which have little shimmer in them.

  • To finalize the look blend all applied eye makeup with big blush brush. Blend with blush brush back and forth with a couple of quick motions. You will get soft finish.

  • Curl the lashes and apply mascara. Long and thick lashes look pretty. For more dramatic look, go for fake lashes. For lengthening natural lashes, volumizing mascara is preferably suggested. But it’s not compulsory. To make lashes voluminous, apply dark color eye liner.

  • Eyeliner should be smudge proof. You should go for eye liner that is smudge free instead of water proof. Eyelids are not usually watery but tend to get oily. Oil tends to break the liner that causes smudging. The other option is liquid eye liner. Once it dries, it does not smudge. 

Your eye makeup is done. Get a diva look and look glamorous by following abovementioned step by step guide.

Look like a diva by applying eye makeup exactly like your favorite celebrities. Take charge on your eye cosmetics and get a look like diva.

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