How to Apply Eye Makeup for Deep Set Eyes

Having deep set eyes are wonderful because you can experiment a lot of eye makeup techniques with them easily. Behind all the Pakistani eye makeup techniques for this particular shape, the main goal is to bring the deep set eyes forward to make them more prominent in your facial features. Following are the easy deep set eye makeup steps by following which you can enjoy glamorous open eyes, especially the people with small eyes.

  • Wash your face to prepare it for eye makeup. Apply moisturizer and your base to your cleansed face.
  • Being a beginner at applying eye makeup, stick with eye shadow that already comes in a trio. People familiar with eye makeup techniques can go for picking up their own shades.
  • Use a primer so that your eye makeup will be there in place all day without creasing.  
  • Use concealer to cover the dark circle under eyes before starting with eye makeup. Deep set eyes usually cast a shadow under the eye and therefore concealer is usually needed to lessen the effect.
  • Pick up the lightest shade of eye shadow and begin your deep set eye makeup by applying eye-shadow from the base of the eyelashes to the brow bone.  Avoid applying any eye makeup beyond the span of your eyebrows to maintain the glamorous look.
  • Smudge your eye makeup with some color around the inside corner of the eye all the way to your lower lashes.
  • Introduce second color in your deep set eye makeup. Apply the second shade from the middle of your pupil outwards on your lid. For a more settle eye makeup look, blend it upwards into your crease, but never go beyond your eyebrow.
  • Introduce the darkest shade in your eye makeup with a pointy tip of the applicator brush. Precisely apply this eye makeup outside corner of the eye and blend it into the crease and into upper and lower lash lines. 
  • The next step for your deep set eye makeup is to apply matching eyeliner. 
  • Set your eye makeup by lightly dusting loose powder with a large powder brush over the entire area.
  • Finish up your Pakistani eye makeup by shaping up your brows with eyebrow brush and brushing out any excess powder. 
  • To add spark to your deep set eye makeup, curl up your lashes by using an eyelash curler and apply mascara.

Give your deep set eyes a glamorous and chic look by following the simple eye makeup techniques. To bring your deep set eyes forward, always be careful in the selection of the eye shadows for your eye makeup.

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