How to apply blush on according to your face cut?

Beauty has no season. Being a female, you have to have the oh-so-stunning look on you day in and day out. Highlighted cheeks give a pop to your personality and can be an indispensable beauty tip, whatever your face cut is.

Following are a few makeup tipsfor the gorgeous cheeks that should be followed despite your face cut:

  • Firstly, the basic beauty tip is to use a smooth layer of a foundation base and let it blend in to your skin so that it looks as your original shade.
  • Then, select the color that best suits your cheeks. The blush on tip is to find the color that matches your cheeks when they are flushed after exercise or being out in the cold.   
  • Another essential makeup tip is to confirm the appropriate formula where powder is best for oily skin, liquid or cream is suitable for the dry type. For better outcome, a combo of both can be used.    
  • Get done with the rest of the makeup including the eyes, lips and hair so that you have a clear view of how you look like and be able to determine how much blush on needs to be put on. This is another beauty tip.
  • Then, to locate your cheek bone, smile in the mirror to locate the apple of your face where the blush has to be applied.
  • For the blush on tip, put the blush on the brush and tap off any excess. Then, gently rub it over your apple and smudge it a little to add the blend.
  • After evening out your cheek, repeat the above beauty steps on your other cheek. The makeup tip for the complete look is to review the equality of your cheeks in the end.

Another special beauty tip is to brush a little along your nose, your chin and on the middle of your forehead. This will give you a sun kissed look.

Moving on, as for the blush on tips for the shape of your face, you can do the following once you confirm your cut:

  • Round face
  • You should avoid applying blush directly on the apples, which is typically what a round face has more of. Sweep the product gently down from the lower apple back under the cheek bone to the hairline, softly contouring.  This is one important beauty tip. To add an illusion of length you should also apply a bit of blush to your chin and blend well.

  • Square face
  • Simple makeup tip is to apply the blush on below your eye centre in a circular manner. Plus, for the makeup tip, add some blend to your chin and forehead’s middle. This will help give a soft look of your face edges.

  • Rectangular Face
    Here apply blush on your cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. The beauty tip is to ensure that the blush does not extend lower than the tip of your nose.
  • Oval Face
    For this ideal face cut, the blush on tip is to apply it and blend towards your temples. It will highlight your cheekbones.
  • Triangular Face
    You should apply blush on the sides of your cheekbones. Blend up from your cheekbones to your temple and then extend the blush over your brow a bit. This beauty tip will help you balance the width of your forehead with the rest of your face.

Applying makeup blush on depends on your face cut. First look for your face and then follow the tips to apply blush on your cheeks.

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