Hot Tools That Won’t Kill Your Hair

There are a lot of options for hair styling by using different kind of hairstyle products. Blow dryers, flat irons, curlers and many other styling products offer you sleek styles and bouncy curls. The precious styling appliances can cause worst damage to your hair. I guess that is not latest news for you. We found some innovative styling appliances for your hair so that you can give whatever style to your hair without any damage.

Many women go to salons for professional hair styling. The hair styling from salons is an easily accessible and convenient way. Hair can’t withstand more than 120 degrees of heat while heat tools run from 300 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. So the results are dull and dry hair. The excessive use of heat appliances apparently makes your hair look smooth, tame and well styled. But over time, you may suffer from permanent shaft damage, split ends, frizzy and dry strands.

You should take precautionary measures at the time of application of hair styling products. The best way is to dry your hair naturally. Let your hair air dry and restrict the use of blow dryer once or twice a week at the time of utmost need. There are a number of products being introduced by major companies which are multitasking and speed up styling time and drying as well with limited exposure to heat.

Coolway Autosense Styler:

The latest and modern hair styling appliance is Coolway Autosense Styler. This hair styling product automatically adjusts the temperature setting while passing over hair sections by measuring moisture level in your hair. Not only this, the Coolway Autosense Styler reduces frizz hair by fifty percent and hair breakage seventy five percent.

The use of ceramic plate technology makes hair appearance shinier by sealing off the cuticle of hair. This product is ideal for those who are suffering from dull and dry hair as it locks the moisture and make hair look shiny. Strengthen and improve the quality of hair by styling with this product without fear of any kind of hair damage.

Cricket Static Free Fast Flow Brush:

The other hot styling product is Cricket Static Free fast Flow Brush that won’t kill your beautiful hair. By the use of this product you don’t have to dry your hair by directing the nozzle of dryer on the delicate roots or follow with flat iron. The brush reduces styling time as it is designed with large vents. The hair styling product also prevents frizzy hair with its static free bristles.

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush:

John Frieda Salon shape hot Air brush aims at giving your hair different style with limited exposure of heat. The multi-purpose air brush with Titanium coated barrel gives your hair perfect old Hollywood styles. This innovative product comprises two heat settings and let you make hair styles on both dry and wet hair. Dual setting product allows you give waves to your hair by cold temperature setting. This way you won’t need for the use of hot rollers. Minimize the risk of hair damage with the use of novel air brush.

A number of hair styling tools are being used despite knowing all damages caused by them. You may be prone to hair damage because of these heat appliances but getting rid of these products seems impossible.

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