Hot Stone Massage

Now the question is, what hot stone massage is and how it works. “Hot stone massage”. Which is also known as “lava stone massage”, “warm stone massage”  or  “river rock massage”  is a natural therapy in which stones which gets warm at certain temperature and placed on client’s body to make his/her muscles relax.

The stones uses in this massages are not normal stones, these are typical river rocks or other stones which should be very smooth and made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water at 120 to 150 degree. The stone use in this massage is a black volcanic rock which is having ability to absorb and retain heat well for long time.

Before starting hot stone massage, the therapist makes your body warm with common Swedish massage. Then therapist placed heated stones on specific points in the palms, n your belly, between your toes and on your spine to improve the flow of energy in your body.

For massage many stones of different sizes and shapes are used by the therapist, small ones for smaller muscles and big ones for bigger muscles and once the stones gets cool, therapist replace them with new heated stones to continue the process of massage. During the massage, therapist always ask you about the warmness and pressure of stones on your body as overall your relaxation and felling of your body is important.

After massaging your body with oil, at the end massage therapist again place heated stones to give your muscles more relaxation. The whole massage process takes 60 to 90 minutes. Hot stone massage is more expensive than other regular massage and requires certified massage therapist who should be fully trained  because of its technicalities and sensitivity.

1-Physical Effect:

Hot stone massage provides greater relief because of its intense nature of the massage as hot stone massage allow the massager to penetrate deeply. It helps to relief pain caused by tense muscles, injuries or stiffness of joints. Hot stone massage give you better feeling as compare to typical Swedish massage due to its natural warmness.

The heated stones may provide the extra relaxation if your muscles are extremely tight or stiffed. It helps to release tension, eases osteoarthritis and arthritis pain, easing sore muscles. But be careful, therapist must be properly trained and aware of sensitivity of this hot stone massage because extra heat or extra pressure of stones may harm your body after whole process.

2-Mental Effect:

Hot stone massage is also beneficial mentally and essential to good health as the warmness and pressure of stones helps to improve body circulation which calms our nervous system. These river rocks are like comforting tools who remove mental stress and anxiety.

It is effective in treatment of insomnia and helps alleviate depression. The experience of this hot stone massage is very relaxing that many people indulge in simply because they feel so nice.

3- Not Recommended to Everyone:

You must consult your family doctor before going to Spa for any massage especially hot stone massage as every massage is not for everyone due to their qualities and after effects. Hot stone massage is not recommended or should be refused for the people who are having any rash, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, skin disease, a hernia or area having fractures.

Who are prone to blood clots because there is serious risk of blood clots being dislodges and can cause heart attack or stroke. Not suitable for people who recently undergone through any surgery, chemotherapy and any radiation treatment .Hot stone massage is not recommended for woman who is pregnant.

The reason behind all these precautions is that this therapy technique release toxins stored in our muscles back into our system where they can be flushed away. Another precaution you should take is; don’t take heavy meal before hot stone massage as it will disturb you to relax completely.

When we get tired, what do we want or what our body requires? Warm soothing hand, massaging our body! Isn’t it? And for this purpose we go towards Spa who offers you different kinds of massage. “Hot stone massage” is one of the popular natural ther

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