Homemade Masks, the Best Summer Cosmetics

Summer makes you skin rough and oily, so definitely during summer we all relish the chance to stay clear of the heavy layers of foundation or the concealor to get flawless complexion. The slight sun kissed glow can only be attained by the use of the cosmetics that suits the skin during the summer. Some of the essential summer cosmetics consists of UV rays protective products. May it be the day cream you use or the foundation you use, the foundation should obviously be non-oil based.

For a clearer skin that glows in the day time you definitely have to have a balanced diet with the proper intake of water. Water is the best cleanser may it be for washing purpose or for drinking purposes. Anyone of you who cannot have plain water can always slice a lemon or two in water to add flavour to it.

Along with healthy eating habits we have to have a healthy skin careroutine despite of using the summer appropriate cosmetics. One of the best homemade facial cosmetics would be the cucumber moisturising mask, since cucumber is refreshing, its revitalizing mask will renew your skin with a new breath of life. For this mask, you will need 1/3 cucumber1 Egg yolk,2 tablespoons ground almonds,2 tablespoons honey,2 tablespoons ground rolled oats. Blend all these ingredients into a blender and use the mask for 10 minutes and rinse with hot water.

This particular homemade makeup mask will be a very mild cleanser for the dirt and a refreshing during the summers. Summers season brings along these beautiful sunny days but while we enjoy the sunlight we should not forget to protect ourselves from the harmful sun rays. For this we need to use the cosmetic products that are specifically for the summers. And the cosmetic products that are homemade will be the best, since they will be made according to the need of the user, you can use whatever natural product suits you best. For those who have a problem of pimples can try using alovera extracts as a gel to dry the pimples. This is an absolutely amazing cosmetic product for people who have oily skin.

Summer is here and sun is shining at its peak. In such harsh weather, it's always better to make less use of chemicals-loaded cosmetics and instead make some homemade masks of fresh fruits and natural ingredients.

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