Home Remedies To Remove Tan Permanently

The summer season brings along with it skin tans that make you uncomfortable and this creates a need to get rid of it by using simple remedies and not complicated options. Home remedies are many and experts suggest the use of cucumbers, papaya, tomatoes to neutralize the ill effects of tanning.

We share with you what a senior homeopath has suggested by way of practical tips to get rid of the tan problem.

Cucumber, rose water and lemon juice pack: The combination of cucumber ,rose water and lemon is a convenient home remedy. They add up to become effective bleaching agents. Lemon lightens up the skin while cucumber and rose water cools down the skin. It is essential to first mix the three ingredients together.

Once the mixing has been done, go ahead and apply with cotton. Allow the treatment to stay for 10 minutes, then proceed to wash with cold water. This must be done each day to get advantage of the treatment.

Papaya and honey face pack: Papaya has enough enzymes and making a face pack with honey. Apply it to the face. Papaya enzymes facilitate lightening up of the skin which helps to get rid of the face tan. The scars go away and so do the blemishes. As for honey it serves as a moisturizer and adds to the skin softness. The advice is to mix half cup of ripe and mashed papaya, then add one tablespoon of honey. Go ahead and apply the pack and subsequently rinse with water.

Milk powder, honey and almond oil face pack: Make a pack of these ingredients by mixing two small spoons of milk powder, one spoon of honey, combine the mixture with drops of almond oil and you have the remedy ready for application. After application, it has to be left for twenty minutes and then washed. The benefit will be a clear toned skin.

Sandalwood and coconut water pack: Sandalwood powder serves and enables to assist in cleansing of the skin. The impurities are also made to go away and so do the dead cells and skin blemishes. The application procedure involves mixing one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with coconut water plus a few drops of almond oil followed by a 20 minutes stay on the face and washing thereafter.

Saffron and fresh cream face pack: Saffron is a product that makes the skin bright, eliminates the tan and also curbs pimples and acne. It is necessary to proceed with soaking some strands of saffron in two tablespoon of milk cream, and keeping the mixture overnight. This has to be followed by blending both. Application can be done by using the finger. After application stay time is 20 minutes, to be rinsed with water thereafter.

Learn how to remove sun tan naturally from your face and arms.

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