Home Remedies for Simple Eye Problems

Eyes have always been taken as one of the most sensitive parts of our body. They make us enjoy all the fantastic colors, stunning lights and beautiful happenings of our living. Therefore, people mostly prefer to avoid the risky paths and take great care of eye problems with the right guidance of eye care professionals.

World is suffering through a large number of eye problems, for which the doctors ask great fees as they employ their exceptional medical knowledge to get us out of the major as well as minor eye issues. Health is as important as food for the current era individuals but there are few tasks which can be done without even utilizing a penny.

It’s better to consult doctor for great eye problems but to handle the slighter ones, all you need is a little intelligence. Here we have come up with few effective home remedies to safely treat the following eye problems:

1. Itchy Eyes

The increasing pollution, dust and presence of allergic fragrances cause an unpleasant irritating sensation in eyes. Rubbing could even worsen the entire situation and leads to great infections. Therefore, it’s better to take control over the eye problem in its early stage with the following home remedies:

Take used tea bags and get them chilled by putting them in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Then place the cool tea bags over your itchy eyes only for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 2 to 3 times a day for superb results.

One could also use a cloth soaked in icy water for an instant relief.

Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and rub it around the eyes in order to enjoy the incredible cooling effect. This also reduces the dark circles.

Washing of eyes with the soothing rose water also decrease the eye problems. It’s an excellent cleanser and gets all the dirt out of your eyes. One can also put two to three drops of rose water in eyes for an immediate comfort.

The combination of water and salt is used as a treatment of various problems including the eye problems. For this, one must take a cup of water and put it on boil with one teaspoon of salt. Dissolving of salt in water will depict the formation of required solution. Let this mixture cool and then wash the eyes with this wonderful fusion.

Green tea with its ideal anti-inflammatory features proves quite helpful for providing relaxation to simple eye problems.

2. Inflamed Eyes

Swelling, inflammation and puffiness lessens the beauty of eyes. To avoid all such problems, we are here with an amazing home remedy that takes all such issues out of your life and bless them the real exquisiteness.

For this all you have to do is to take a cucumber and cut it into thin pieces. Put the slices into fridge for about 20 minutes and then apply those chilled parts over your eyes for at least 10 minutes. This reduces inflammation and delivers remarkable results if repeated five times a day.

3. Pink Eyes

Pink eyes also called as conjunctivitis, is quite a common type of eye infection. This usually happens due to the presence of harmful viruses in the surrounding environment. Cool compressors could prove a great way out and keeps you away from the regular utilization of antibiotics. Avoid sharing towels, cosmetics, pillows and cushions while having pink eyes. One should also frequently wash his hands in such a contagious eye problem.

4. Black Eyes

Black eyes are a severe form of eye problem leading to blurred vision, inability to move the eye or blood in the eye. Even after being a major eye problem, it can effortlessly be treated at the comfort of home.

This could be lessened by applying chilled ice bags upon affected eyes for 15 to 20 minutes after every single hour. Bag of frozen vegetables, fruits or ice cubes covered in cloth can also be used as a spectacular ice pack against swelled eyes.

5. Stye

The disease is not as harmful as it appears. Stye leads to the formation of small lumps inside the eyelids or upon the eye lashes. To avoid its pain, one can place a warm cloth over the affected eyes and wait for its cooling.

This would definitely make an end to stye within a week. Avoid wearing makeup or contact lens while having stye. Constant touch could also spread the disease to its surrounding areas.
So, employ all these advantageous home remedies and stay healthy.

Visiting eye care professionals for simple eye problems is definitely not a great idea for your pocket.

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