Helpful guide to Summer proof your Hair

Though, skin care is important in summer, but to protect your hair from the harsh rays of sun, summer hair care is equally significant. The scorching sun rays cause extensive damage to hair which can only be overcome by proper summer hair care. With our easy to follow summer hair care tips, you can surely summer proof your hair and enjoy healthy and shiny hair throughout the summer. The damages that can be caused by UV rays are hair color fading, cuticle damaging, and brittle and dry hair. Following are some important summer hair care tips to take special care of your hair during this season.


Trim Split Ends:
Since summer can steal away all the moisture from your tresses, our summer hair care guide will suggest you to get your hair end trimmed every 4-6 weeks during the hot months. When you ends are fizzy, it’s a clear sign of inappropriate summer hair care and damage or split ends.
To summer proof your hair, make sure to trim your split ends and damaged sections off. The only preventive summer hair care method to deal with frizzy hair is to get rid of split ends.


Ditch the color:
During summer months, reduce the use of harsh chemicals of bleach and hair color. Due to being deprived of moisture, hair colors can cause extensive damage to your summer hair care routine. Instead of using artificial hair colors, summer proof your hair by going as natural as possible. 
If you want to color your hair in summer, our summer hair care guide will advise to apply natural color and conditioner of Henna (Mehndi). Henna will not only play a positive part in your summer hair care routine, but will also provide you cooling and soothing. 


Put a pause on heat stylers:
Normally, women use hot styling tools like blow dryers, hair irons, rollers to get themselves stylized. Putting a pause on heat stylers in the hot weather.


To get the maximum benefits of summer hair care guide, you should give your hair a rest from the torture of chic heat stylers during summer months. If the use of heat styling tools is necessary for some special occasions, you can summer proof your hair by using a leave-in conditioner before using the hot tool on your hair.

You can protect your hair from harsh affects of summer and enjoy healthy and shiny hair even in this hot and humid season.

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