Have Your Beauty Products Gone Bad?

Mostly women are so much in love with their beauty products that they hardly throw them away even when their life is over! Many bathroom shelves remain cluttered with the worn out lipsticks, dry mascaras, thickened and oil separated foundation base and cracked face powder cakes. If your bathroom shelf is one of them, it’s time to convince yourself to toss your ‘gone bad’ beauty products according to the cosmetics expiration dates.

Its unhygienic and extremely dangerous for your skin to keep using the expired beauty products, as you are prone to develop allergies and other infections.

Expired beauty products can’t ever produce the finish they used to when fresh, and in the worst situations they can even damage the skin.

When we purchase the unopened or sealed cosmetics, the cosmetics expiration dates mentioned are actually the dates which work if the cosmetics remain sealed. The cosmetics expiration dates mentioned on the packaging is actually their shelf life. Once opened, you must know the toss-it time so that you know when to discard your beauty products and make room for the new ones.

Following are the expert beauty tips directly coming from the cosmetic chemists to guide you better when to update your beauty products collection.

Make Up Base:

Toss-It Time: 6 months for liquids and 2 years for powders.

Insider Info: Once opened, your foundation base or face powder gets exposed to air, along with which, they have a direct encounter with the heat, humidity and light. Topped up with the molds, yeast and bacterial growth which is obvious and inevitable because of the frequent encounter with human skin.

As they age, they start losing their finish when applied on the skin. The process is quite rapid when talk of foundation base as it has got moisture and water content. Face powders remain useful for a longer span of time as they are dry. This is why their toss-it time is more than the liquid foundations.

The beauty tips regarding cosmetics expiration dates indicate that you must throw away your face power when it gets hard to blend it or when it starts crumbling. Similarly you should get rid of the foundation base if it has started giving a streaky and uneven finish. Or if it has started thickening and you can see the oil layering up on the top. Make sure that you don’t consider the written cosmetics expiration dates and rely on their performance and texture.

Mascara And Eyeliner:

Toss-It Time: 3 months for both

Insider Info: Bacteria love to grow inside the dark and damp environment of a mascara or eyeliner tube. The moment you unseal such beauty products, the bacteria start multiplying, and simultaneously the moisture evaporates. Usually within a period of three months, even the best quality mascaras and eyeliners lose their liquidy consistency and become chalky and powdery. Whenever these beauty products stop giving your desired finish, just throw them away or else they would cause severe allergy.


Toss-It Time: 6 months for creme eyeshadows and 2 years for powder eye shadows.

Insider Info: Creme eyeshadows have a shorter life because of the oil base and moisture content, while powder eye shadows can retain their quality as they are dry and less prone to contamination.

Lipsticks And Lip Liners:

Toss-It Time: 2 years for pencil lip liners and six months for creme lipsticks and lip gloss.

Insider Info: Lipsticks when age, not only lose their glossy shine and fine consistency, rather they start giving bad smell. Whenever such changes appear, make sure that it’s time to replace them with new ones.

Similarly, the cosmetics expiration dates of nail polishes are within 2 years. Sunscreen lotions expire within 6 months while hair products sustain for one year.

Beauty Tips To Stay Safe:

  • Always wash hands and face before applying make up.
  • Use fresh beauty products.
  • Store them in a cool dry place – Try to avoid storing them in bathroom shelves.
  • If you have any skin allergy or rash or fungal infection, never ever use beauty products on such infected areas.
  • Always purchase sealed beauty products. Avoid open sealed cosmetics.
  • Try to check out the smell when buy the beauty products and read out the cosmetics expiration dates.

Take good care of your skin which is far more precious than the expensive but expired beauty products.

It's difficult to convince yourself to throw away your favourite or the most expensive beauty products. But sometimes, it's necessary. Get proper beauty tips regarding cosmetics expiration dates.

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