Hairstyles To Rock On 2014

New Year has brought plenty of new rocking hairstyles for you. Hairstyles make you look stylish and modern. So go for rocking hairstyles of 2014. Enhance your beautiful looks by changing your hairstyle. Check out the rocking hairstyles of 2014 and groom yourself with the new styles of this New Year. 

High Rise Quiff:

To rock attitude look, give a way to high rise quiff. This can be the right choice to depict your attitude. Longer hair with the steps on shoulders and high rise quiff will make your expert stylish person. Give yourself rock star look.


Layers have been in fashion since long time. Face coming cuts with short layers is again in vogue. Add texture with choppy layers instead of long blunt cut style. Give a try to this hairstyle for different look.

Messy Look:

Rather than go for well maintained hairstyle, rock your looks with messy theme. Go for a rough look. Rough look does not mean you have adopted low maintenance theme but it’s one of huge trends of 2014. To make this messy hairstyle, pull hair into high bun and tease bit forward without using comb. Use your fingers to get this look. Use your fingers and maintain your stylish look with minimum effort. 


Flicks are still in fashion. The difference is only that now the flick does not fall on forehead but it is set upward and sideward. To keep the flick in shape you should go for glossy hair spray.

Wavy Hair:

Straightening the hair had been the hairstyle of 2013. Everyone was seen with hairstyles in straight hair. Straight hair did not go out of fashion but this year you must pick up wavy hairstyle along with straight hair. Waves do not mean super subtle mermaid locks and curls. Make your looks soft by using tong to add rounder soft waves in your hair. Make sure if you want to get tousled finish then keep them randomly placed and shake loose.

Accessorize Hair:

Accessorize your hair with pretty floral accessories like hair bands and clips. Get snow white look by adding pretty floral headband to a loose wavy hair. For softer look, pull off some loose strands on your face. 

Side Braid:

Perfect your looks with side braid. Side braid is great choice in cold weather and bad hair day as well. Make your bad hair day brighter by making side braid. To get the more charming look, tease a few strands loosely around your temples. It is up to you what braid choice you make. It can be fish tail, French tail and simple three strands braid.

Wet Look:

Wearable wet look is going to rock in 2014 also. Last year, models were seen with wet look on ramp but this trend goes mainstream this year also. Wet locks loosely pushed back in little rough look will give you super star look. In order to stop the looks being scruffy do remember to get perfect makeup with wet locks.

Longer and Straight Hair:

Longer and straight hair never goes out of fashion. Instead of complete straightening blow dry your hair locks. To get the model vibe always opt for center parting your straight and longer hair.

2014 has brought a plenty of hairstyles for all stylish people. Welcome new fashion and new changes brought by New Year. Groom yourself by adopting new hairstyles this year.

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