Hair washing with care

We have been hair washing all our lives. How could we go wrong with something like hair washing? However, we might be hair washing the wrong way and messing up hair care without actually knowing it.

What we should remember about hair care is that the individual strands of our hair, no matter how thick or strong it looks, is actually very delicate. Hair care says we cannot just tug and pull at it, or else it would break.

So, what is the right way of hair washing? The first thing you should do is to comb the tangles out of the hair before you wet it so the hair washing doesn’t worsen the tangles. And then, wet your hair thoroughly under the shower. You can use either warm or cold water if you like, but for best results, you can wet your hair with warm water to wash all the oil and dirt off. And then, you can rinse your hair with cold water afterwards to close the cuticles and add to the hair care.

Using gentle strokes of your fingertips apply the shampoo to your scalp. Take note to not at the ends of your hair, as the shampoo would dry your hair’s ends and cause it to weaken and split. Also, do not mix your hair all over your head as you shampoo because it will get all tangled up. After this, rinse the shampoo off.

More often than not, we need to shampoo our hair for a second time. The purpose of the first shampoo is to clean the oil and dirt off; the second shampoo is supposed to let the shampoo treat our hair. So, repeat the process, but let the shampoo sit on for around a couple of minutes. Rinse the hair completely after this.

To get the excess water off your hair, just squeeze the water out. Do not pull or tug at the hair because the hair is at its most delicate when it is soaked. Apply a dollop of conditioner and apply it along the hairline, the nape and the ends of the hair. Pile your hair then inside a shower cap and let the conditioner stay there for around ten minutes. And then, rinse it off completely. Welcome to a perfect hair day!


The hair washing practice needs to be done with more care even if it does seem tedious and time-consuming. But remember, having great hair takes time and effort. And it is definitely worth it for a picture perfect hair.

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