7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The Shower

Well, here are some tips to guide you from making the most common mistakes in "Step One" of your hair care regimen that is, hair wash. So, let us begin!

You might be doing everything right from oiling your hair regularly and using natural hair care ingredients to eating hair-friendly foods, but still, you feel that your dreams of showing off those enviable locks are not turning into a reality. Sounds familiar? Well, if you have already done so much, and you are still not getting the desired results, then it is time to find out about things that you might be doing wrong.

Mistake #1. I love to rinse my hair with hot water

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerHave you been washing your hair with sweltering water all this while? Well, if that's the case, you need to stop right now! Hot water dries out your scalp and hair much faster. If you want, then use lukewarm water as that will open up the hair cuticles, and maximise the effect of your shampoo and conditioner. Also, towards the end of your hair washing regime, rinse your hair with cold water at least once. Cold water will help to close the hair cuticles and will keep the moisture locked in.

P.S.: Those with colour-treated hair must avoid hot water at all costs as it increases the chances of the colour fading away faster.

Mistake #2. I skimp on water

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerMany women make the mistake of not giving their hair enough time to soak in the water before they move towards shampooing them. If you are thinking about the environment, then we appreciate that by all means. But otherwise, it is a serious hair washing mistake that you are committing. Before you shampoo your hair, wash it under running water for at least a minute or two. This would ensure that you get the best out of your shampoo and conditioner.

P.S.: Not rinsing your scalp well enough, after using the shampoo and conditioner, is another hair washing mistake. Make sure that you rinse out the shampoo and conditioner completely before you move out of the shower, and that no residue is left behind. If you don't keep this in mind, it can lead to scalp irritation and flat hair.

Mistake #3. I use a lot of shampoo to get the shine

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerMost of us think that if a shampoo doesn’t produce much lather, it is not doing its job. But, did you know that the lather may not actually be helping you to get rid of the grime build-up? Too much foam can prevent the shampoo from working its deep cleansing magic. It is suggested that for your first wash, try to squeeze a dollop of shampoo, approximately the size of a two rupee coin. And, if you need a second wash, then use a lesser amount of that.

Mistake #4. I wash my hair within 4-5 minutes only

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerWhoever washes hair in less than 5 minutes (which includes conditioning) is not doing justice to their tresses. You don’t have to slap tons of shampoo on your head and rinse it with cold water. Take some time and massage your scalp with fingertips in circular motions. It is advised that you start doing so from the hairline, and then move towards your nape. It not only helps to create lather and cleanse your hair roots, but also improves blood circulation.

P.S.: Concentrate on using your fingertips only to massage your scalp. Rubbing your hair strands between your hands rigorously while washing, can cause friction and lead to hair damage.

Mistake #5. I don’t need a hair conditioner

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerAfter a head wash, your scalp will regain its natural oils that were stripped off after a short while, but hair-ends are susceptible to getting drier. This is why; you need a conditioner for your hair. Apply first at the very bottom of your hair and then move along till the mid-shaft. Another advantage of conditioning your hair is that it reduces friction and consequent breakage when you brush your hair.

P.S.: Applying hair conditioner on the scalp is another sheer blasphemy for your hair. If you have the habit of applying your hair conditioner on your scalp, then stop right now. Only use the conditioner till the mid-shaft of your hair length.

Mistake #6. I wash my hair everyday

7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Most Women Make In The ShowerYes, we do accept that many hair experts suggest that you should wash your hair only after two to three days. But, having said that, we would still point out that it is just a good suggestion and not a rule per say! You are the best judge, so wash your hair whenever you need to, but avoid washing your tresses everyday. If your scalp turns greasy despite shampooing you can wash it the next day; or if not, then you can wash it after a day or two. But, don’t wait for a week’s time, especially during summers (when you sweat more!), as it will cause a build-up of dirt on your scalp and threaten your hair’s health.

P.S.: If you are blessed with the non-greasy scalp, and if you can avoid, then do follow the mantra of washing your hair only after every two or three days.

Mistake #7. I switch shampoos often

With so many hair care products thronging the market, your confusion is understandable. But, this doesn’t mean you keep experimenting at the cost of your hair, by switching shampoos. Yes, many women often feel that their shampoos become less effective after a couple of months, but that may not have anything to do with the product actually. Some hair care products work best in a particular season as hair texture undergoes change with a change in season. So, keep this in mind! What you must do is, make sure you actively notice the behavioural pattern of your hair and use the right shampoo. Try a mild shampoo if you are in the habit of shampooing regularly.

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