Hair Care Guide In Ramzan

They say hair is the part of your body that acts as a crown does to a queen. Ramzan is approaching fast and as soon as the daily nutrients in your diet go down, your skin, hair, overall appearance begins to grow weaker and weaker. Unless, proper care is taken to prevent all the downside of the reduction in diet intakes. Well here is a list of foods, combination of fruits and vegetables, that you should take to prevent your hair from losing their shine and glow:


Stuffed with Vitamin E, almonds at suhur or iftar can help prevent UV rays from the sun because of their antioxidant nature. Peel their skin off and dip them in water. Then have them in the morning just before suhur time or after iftari.


Having an apple for iftar or suhur can help retain all the iron your hair needs to remain healthy. Iron helps produce the various proteins that help make your hair. Not having enough amount of iron in your hair can also be the main reason for hair loss problems.
Soy beans, Pumpkin seeds, White beans, Lentils & Spinach

Eating these vegetables at the time of iftar or suhur or after iftar for dinner can help restore the lost iron during the day. It can keep hair healthy and prevent the damaged hair  from being replaced too frequently.
Milk and fresh juices – Vitamin D is important to help keep the hair looking alive and fresh as new. Even though the sun provides Vitamin D, dermatologists do not always recommend too much exposure to sunlight because these days due to global warming, hair loses its strength and energy.

Fried Foods and Sweets

Since in Ramzan our fried and fatty foods intake goes beyond the everyday level, it should be taken care that a lot of fried foods be avoided. Also avoid eating too much food during sahar as well because during the month your overall diet is slowed down and you eat too much all of a sudden at the time of iftar. Therefore, your body needs to slowly get used to it and during the process some natural body growing or shedding procedures. So, the hair growth pattern may also be disturbed. Therefore, maintaining a well balanced diet during the month is imperative. This can be a very useful hair care guide in ramzan.

Eating healthy during the month – Some people love to take advantage of the fact that daily food intake goes down tremendously during the month. Most of the times that is not the case since we eat much more than we usually do at the time of iftar. However, for some people they actually eat even lesser. Therefore, if a healthy body loses weight during this Holy month, the stress that is put on the body will result in hair loss problems. Therefore, it is imperative to eat healthy throughout and this too shall provide as a healthy hair care guide for ramzan.
Maintaining a healthy mind and body throughout the month is important to keep the hair glowing and healthy as ever before. A combination of healthy fruit juices, or ripe fruit and dates, specially dates, vegetables, milk, or yoghurt can help aid in keeping the hair healthy and fresh for as long as possible during the Holy month.

Every woman wants healthy and shiny hair at all times. And, with the month of ramzan just around the corner food and drinks will go down immensely. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a check on your nutrition and carbohydrates daily so that your hair rem

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