Green Independence Day

There are number of trends that we want to never come back but some trends always remain evergreen.

One of the most famous colour trends is trend of Green colour on Independence Day that always look fabulous in style and soothing to eyes. Whenever we saw green and white colour one thing always struck in our mind that is Independence Day of Pakistan.

Every year we feel green every where in Pakistan from the start of august. From streets to the shopping malls green and white flags, stickers for vehicles, badges, sounds of national anthems, special dresses and other accessories become a part of whole surroundings. People show their love and unity towards their country and portray a non-violent image of Pakistan by using Green colour in different accessories of Independence Day. This day is always celebrated with traditional enthusiasm and cultural amusement.

White and green combination colours are always on high trends in august that are a symbol of patriotism and unity among the nation. It is a symbol of national zeal and vehemence.

Every year we celebrate some special days in their particular style and colour. Different colours and symbols are also associated with different events as Yellow is for Basant, Red is for Valentine day, Pink ribbon is associated with breast cancer. In the same way Green colour symbolizes our Independence Day.

We pay special attention to our parents on Parent’s Day, children on their day and express love for our loved ones on Valentine Day. Independence Day is a special occasion when our homeland needs our care and attention. We should decorate our country on this special day because this free land is a blessing of God on all of us. Celebrate the glory of this day with your friends and family and remember the efforts of our forefathers who devote their lives and got this independent land for us.

Pakistan has a mixture of many ethnic groups but 14th August is a special day when whole country transforms into the beautiful binding of same colour that is “GREEN.”

There are number of trends that we want to never come back but some trends always remain evergreen.

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